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Once a Grizz, always a Grizz!

The total raised by the Class of '61 for their 2011 reunion was $11,715! These funds are supporting an expansion of the AHS Student Tutoring Center and the AHS Science Lab Aides program.
1961 Senior Graduation Party
See 1961 Senior Photos at the link below

1961 Senior Class photos from the Rogue Yearbook have been added - see the last link at the bottom of the page!

Hey Alumni...Just because you've graduated from the Ashland schools, it doesn't mean your relationship to the schools needs to end. Ashland is a unique community. The terrific education you received in the Ashland schools was supported by many members of the Ashland community through taxes, levys, bonds...and donations. Now it's your turn to be there for those who've come after you.

The Ashland Schools Foundation welcomes gifts from past students of the Ashland Schools! Your donation will help ensure that the current students in Ashland schools become successful citizens with a strong skills, and a sense of who they are and where they came from.

When you make your donation, make sure you note in the Ashland Schools History section of the form that you are an alumni of the Ashland Schools, and fill in your class year too!

Sometimes classes choose to participate in a class alumni fund drive for a class reunion. If you are part of one of these efforts, it's especially important to enter the class year information. Include your name below it in the space provided exactly how you might like it listed in any acknowledgements we make to your class members.

The class of 1961 held a class fund drive for their 50th reunion in July of 2011. Class members were encouraged to make donations to ASF and the first $5000 in donations received were matched by class members, Sid and Karen DeBoer! Thank you Class of '61, for your dedicated support of the Ashland Schools through the Ashland Schools Foundation!

Letter sent to the members of the Class of '61 in late January 2011 by the Reunion Committee.

Printable donation form specific to the Class of '61 alumni fund drive. Print out and mail in with your contribution.

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View the Senior Pictures from the '61 Rogue Yearbook here! You may need to zoom out once the file opens.