Grant Summary 2008-09

The Ashland Schools Foundations sends a thank you to all of the parents and community members (more than 1200 of you!) who donated to the 2008 Annual Fund Drive, supporting grants for the 2008-09 school year.



The Ashland Schools Foundation came up short during the Spring Fund Drive and was unable to fund the normal array of grants for the 2008-09 school year, and decided it was necessary to ask the parents for further assistance in order to fully grant the critical Educational Support positions throughout the district.  We are happy to report that the Emergency Fall Fund Drive was successful.  The Foundation has received donations and pledges of $27,000 since mid-August. This enabled ASF to fully fund all of the Education Support positions that were granted in the spring (see list below). We were also able to apply funds towards restoring some of our grants, such as the high school tutoring center, that we had to cut this year. In order to restore all grants, we would need to raise an additional $30,000.


Thank you to the many, many parents who gave a “booster” donation in addition to their spring annual fund drive donation, and to parents who chose to continue their previous support of ASF. Thank you also, to the parents who stepped forward to become first time contributors. We welcome you to our family of donors – you’ve chosen just the right moment to make a real difference with your contribution!


Education Support Grants funded by ASF Funds for the 2008-09 school year:

AHS English AP classes

AHS Math – ½ time position

AHS Academic College Counseling

AMS Health Program

Elementary Reading Specialists