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Ashland Schools Foundation was thrilled to receive its first Legacy Donation from Joan Spear, 24-year resident of Ashland and long time volunteer to Ashland Schools.

A former psychotherapist, Spear got involved with Ashland schools because she knew schools needed help.  "I value education and wanted to contribute.  Although I went to school in the East, I am connected here," remarks Spear.

The Endowment fund is currently at about $250,000.  Spear's legacy gift will, upon her death, add an estimated $100,000 into the fund - a fund that preserves capital and uses only interest income to help stabilize funding.  Thanks Joan!


A Legacy Donation refers to any gift given to the ASF through the provisions of a donor's will or trust.  Joan's gift is termed a "Charitable Remainder Trust" - a sizeable gift of stock or cash is given by a living donor to the Oregon Community Foundation Trust on behalf of Ashland Schools Foundation.  That gift, in the year it was given, is immediately recognized by the government as a tax-deductible donation.  Throughout the life of the donor, tax-free interest income is drawn and given back to the donor.  When the donor passes away, the principal (original donation) is then turned over from the Oregon Community Foundation Trust to the Ashland Schools Foundation.

This is just one of many ways you can make a gift to support education for generations to come.  If you are interested in discussing a Legacy Donation, or a gift to the endowment fund, please contact ASF at 482-8197.