Impact Grants 2007-08

Ashland Middle School's production of the Broadway Musical, Seusical Jr.




Creative Digital filmmaking for AHS Student Video Festival

AHS – Samar Dawisha

Video students using digital camcorders will create professional, promotional videos as well as short films for the AHS Student Video Festival and to be submitted to the Ashland Independent Film Festival.  Students will learn composition through the camera and other camera techniques using new digital cameras to create their movies.


Breath Movement Music

AHS – Gerry Pare

The AHS orchestra classes will be working with breathing experts, Yoga teachers, professional musicians and conductors to discover how breathing and movement affects their articulation, entrances and overall togetherness.


SAEJ Thematic Activities

AHS – Jay Preskenis

Using experiential-based education in the SAEJ program, students will integrate social studies, English and science in combination with art projects to learn key curricular activities through a different medium.


Earth Teach for Catalyst

AHS – Reed Sorensen

Students spend one day at the EarthTeach site, working with their teacher and Synergo facilitators.  They get to try such activities as the “High-wire” to build confidence and teamwork.  The “Swing” fosters letting go of limitations. The students are challenged to overcome their fears and step outside of their “comfort zone.


Continuation of Biotechnology
in the Classroom

AHS – Todd Hobein

Students are growing up in the genetic generation; where technology and collaboration skills are essential in order to excel in college and beyond.  Students will be introduced to the latest technologies in molecular/cellular biology using the technology purchased from this grant. Technologies include:§  DNA Electrophoresis§ Using micropipettes§ DNA Analysis


The Art of French Pastry Making: A Cultural, Linguistic, Cooking, and Taste Experience

AHS – Lauren Schaeffer


An accomplished French pastry chef will spend a full class period with each of seven AHS French classes in the cooking facility at AHS, involving all French language students in the history, culture, and actual making and tasting of French pastry.


Spanish Skits (Obras en Español)

AMS – Jeni Gonzalez


Students will perform skits in Spanish after studying a variety of literature in Spanish which is designed to be acted out, or is already familiar to the students. They will create props to help other students understand the plot even if they are not bilingual.


Figurative Ceramic Sculpture

AMS – Robert Kuhn


Art students will be creating a figurative sculpture. The students will fire then glaze fire their sculpture.


Butterfly Garden-Revisited

AMS – Lynn Kunstman


Science students on Rio del Fuego team will install garden signs, plants, and mulch to the existing butterfly garden in spring of 2008. 


Broadway Jr. Musical

AMS – Dianna Warner

Students are involved in all stages of production to create and perform a Broadway Jr. musical both backstage and onstage.


The Huichol People

History – Culture – Art

AMS – Kathy Yeoman

Students in all 7-8 Spanish classes will learn about indigenous Huichol people living in the mountains of Mexico, from guest artist Rosendo Carillo de la Rosa. Each student will complete a small beaded project using traditional Huichol designs.



Inquiry in the Garden

AMS – Eric Sandrock

Is an inquiry-based, hands-on program that gives students the opportunity to develop their own horticultural experiments in the AMS Garden, the results of which may be published as well as direct practices in home, school, and community gardens. 



Bellview – Ingrid Hansen

As part of their science curriculum, Ingrid Hansen and Sheri Preskenis’ fourth grade classes will spend the night at the Oregon Zoo.  The students will tour the animal exhibits after zoo hours when the animals are most active and the general public is not present.


Quilting Across the Curriculum

Bellview – Sherry Preskenis

Sheri Preskenis and Laura Rogers from Bellview Elementary School are requesting funds to enhance the 2nd and 4th grade curriculum by providing high interest, hands-on activities that involve quilting.  This project will be cross-curricular and multiage.


Battle of the Books

Bellview – Hazel Smith

The Oregon Battle of the Books is a statewide reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries in which students grades 3-5 are exposed to literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints.


Art Appreciation

Bellview – Laura Rogers

Sue Moulder, a former teacher, will come into my classroom, 30 minutes per week to teach students lessons on art appreciation.  The unit will finalize with Sue guiding students through cooperatively painting a replica of a Monet (the students will collectively produce 1 painting). 


Helman Kid’s Garden

Helman- Valerie McCoy

We would like to facilitate the construction of an expanded edible garden (built with our new school construction in mind). Children will experience the Farm to Table curriculum and an outdoor science lab.


Paste Paper and Color Mixing

Helman – Lori Fleuter

John Muir – Camille Siders

Making paste paper begins with a color mixing lesson, moves to creating beautiful textured paper, and finishes by allowing students to use the papers they have created throughout the year in various art projects.  (John Muir & Helman School classes together)


Drawing on Nature

John Muir – Tim Brandy

The class will study biological illustration with author/illustrator Irene Brady.  They will use their skills to produce illustrations of the flora and fauna of Earth Teach Park.  They will publish their work in an identification guide.


Cooking up Great Ideas

John Muir – Pat Scalo

All unit studies at John Muir are integrated into all subject areas. We would like to be able to add a cooking and nutrition element to each of our thematic units. In addition to enhancing our units, cooking will bring authenticity to several of our math goals.


Art Through Literature and the Masters

Walker – Diane DeMerritt

We will explore art through the illustrators of children’s literature and the styles and techniques of master artists. We will read the books of these illustrators and view prints of


Let’s Sing

Walker – Lynn Fain

3rd and 4th grades (50 students) will enrich their studies of local, regional and national heritage through movement and song.  The two classes will receive 30 minutes of music each week. Songs and movements would then be shared with our Kinder-Buddies monthly, with our school community at one all-school assembly, a parent presentation in February, and on a culminating CD.


Westward Expansion

Walker – Nancy Keim

Students will: (1) build shelters from materials found in nature, (2) identify and use tools found in nature, (3) study and use handmade, primitive archery bows, arrows and points, (4) prepare meals using Dutch ovens and fire, (5) identify food, animal tracks, etc. during nature walks.


Blender Enrichment

Walker – Mark Sherbow

The Blenders multiage community of 47 six – eleven year old children, their families, and two teachers, is promoting a yearlong program of arts enrichment for the class. The enrichment will include a variety of the arts including Dance, Movement, Pottery, Circus Arts , and Podcasting/ photography


Read Together: 

Take Home Book Program

Willow Wind – Sheryl Cochran

The Read Together, Take Home Book Program is a project encouraging and supporting families as they read with their children. Each week first and second grade students will take a book home to read and enjoy with their families. Students will draw and write about the book in a journal that they take home along with their book in a decorated canvas book bag.

Community Fridays

Willow Wind – Robin Hawley

Community Friday is 75 minutes on Friday mornings when 4 teachers create multi-age groups with their classrooms to encourage positive social interactions between age groups.  These groups work together to plant, grow, maintain and cook foods and flowers on our campus.


Total 2007-08 Impact Grants Awarded by school as follows:


                        Ashland High School                                                $3,978.00

                        Ashland Middle School                                            $4,154.00

                        Bellview Elementary School                                    $1,812.00

                        Helman Elementary   School                                   $1,120.00

                        John Muir K-8 School                                              $   933.00

                        Walker Elementary School                                      $2,000.00

                        Willow Wind Community Learning Center             $1,000.00


             Total 2007-08 Impact Grants Awarded:                         $14,996.00