Gardner Grout Technology Grant

ASF Announces $60,000 AHS Signature Grant: The Gardner Grout Technology Fund

The Ashland Schools Foundation is proud to announce a new Signature Grant for Ashland High School: The Gardner Grout Technology Fund.  This incredible gift to the high school comes compliments of a generous donation from the Gardner Grout Foundation. Over the 2006-08 school years AHS will have $60,000 available for the purchase of much needed technology. A new computer lab is first on the list to give students the access they need to computers for research, projects, and homework and will allow for CIM and CAM testing which must be done on computer. Previously Ashland High School had only one computer lab, which would not be able to handle the number of students who need to take the state assessment tests.


Principal Jeff Schlecht, Superintendent Juli DiChiro, and Information Technology Director Steve Mitzel will be assessing the technology needs for the high school and will decide the best use of the funds over the two years. More and more, students need to graduate with technological skills that will help them succeed in college and the workplace. With such a significant pool of funds available, the district will be able to make a real difference in the technology available to Ashland High students for years to come.


Thank you Gardner Grout Foundation!