Impact Grants 2006-07




Professional Video Editing

Samar Dawisha – Asland High School (AHS)

Video students will gain hands-on experience and expand their skills in video editing like a professional filmmaker.  Utilizing the tools in the Final-Cut Pro editing program, students will be able to edit their short films & combine, audio, special effects, & transitions as a professional.  The project will enrich and engage the students creatively and technically. When the students’ projects are complete students will enter their films in the Ashland Independent Film Festival.                                                                                                   $500

AHS Clothing S.W.A.P.

Holly Johnson - AHS

Transition Center students, to gain first-hand experience in important basic life- and career- skills, will organize, advertise, set up, and run a student-centered business on the AHS campus during lunch on Fridays.  Starting with some purchased and, hopefully, some donated clothing, the business will allow AHS students to trade their good, used clothing for clothing from the S.W.A.P.  Under teacher supervision, TC students will care for the clothing, tally accounts, etc.                                                                                                            $492

S.E.E.K.*/AHS LC Collaboration

Lloyd Lasley - AHS

The collaboration between AHS Lincoln Center and SEEK will provide experiential learning opportunities aligned with the program’s mission statement, helping students fulfill graduation and CIM proficiency requirements. In addition, the project will increase each student’s self-awareness, self-esteem, and interpersonal and life skills through our proven curriculum.  


EarthTeach for Catalyst

Mary McInerney - AHS

Catalyst is an Alternate Education Program that focuses on an individualized Education Program for each student. There are two separate classes of Catalyst that meet on alternate days, but only one class will be attending the Ropes Course.  We study many aspects of the environment, making EarthTeach valuable to our program in many ways. Students learn teamwork, how to meet personal challenges and problem-solving.  This is done in a beautiful forest setting, so natural resource education is part of the lesson.                                                                                                                    $500

Learning from the Masters

Gerry Pare' - AHS

Adult professional musicians will visit the orchestra classes to expand students’ knowledge and scope through their joy of playing, teaching and making music.                                                                                 $500

SAEJ Backpacking and the Arts

Jay Preskenis - AHS

Given the experiential-based education in SAEJ we (Allison and I) would like to incorporate more of the visual arts into the curriculum as well as continue the hands-on science and community building with the backpacking trip.                                                                             $840

Drama Alive

Linda Barnett - AHS

The 9/10 English Connections class obtained the Bowmer Project. The students attend two plays and go to a morning backstage tour. This grant will pay for an actor to come to class to speak to them about the plays they’ll be seeing                                                                             $50

Hands on Ayurvedic Indian Cooking

Karen Green - AHS

Kumud and Krishna Gokani demonstrate Ayurvedic Indian cooking techniques to the AHS cooking classes. Hands on cooking with students is included with demonstrations.                                         $350

Biotechnology in the Classroom

Todd Hobein - AHS

Students are growing up in the genetic generation; where technology and collaboration skills are essential in order to excel in college and beyond.  Students will be introduced to the latest technologies in molecular/cellular biology using the technology purchased from this grant. Technologies include:  DNA Electrophoresis, Using micropipettes,  DNA Analysis                                                          $1,000

US History through Performance

Susan Baird – Ashland Middle School (AMS)

The Amistad Social Studies class (nearly the entire team of 100 students) will see and hear performances of songs to bring our U.S. History to life.  They will also learn a number of these songs to be able to carry with them throughout their lives. Dave & Tami Marston, through the SOESD Assembly Program, will present “Our Singing Nation” in three parts.                                                                            $375

Recetas Sabrosas

Jennifer Gonzalez - AMS

Students will research recipes from a Spanish speaking country of their choice and information about that country.  Students will create a poster where students will describe facts about their country in Spanish and then include a recipe from that country.  As a class, we will vote on one or two recipes (depending on difficulty, cost of ingredients, etc.) that we will cook as a class.  All recipes will have links on my website so that all students have access to all recipes researched and/or cooked in class.                                                     $500

Bringing History Alive!

Bob Julian - AMS

Sheila Arnold is a nationally renowned storyteller/historical character interpreter.  She will portray a character, followed by an in-character question/answer session.                                                                     $800

Bottle Rocket Inquiry

Lynn Kunstman - AMS

Students will build and launch bottle rockets as part of their physics classes.  This activity will be used to obtain a work sample for student portfolios in science inquiry.  Students will design an experiment, construct a rocket, test the rocket, collect and present data, interpret and analyze data in a written report. We are in need of an air compressor, to launch the rockets.                                                      $275

Broadway Musical, Jr

Dianna Warner - AMS

Students are involved in all stages of production, both backstage and onstage creating lighting, sound, costumes, props and set and publicity.  Performance involves acting, singing and dancing.  This project directly supports drama at Ashland Middle School, which is no longer provided as part of the arts curriculum, because of significant budget cuts. It also supports our budding vocal music class taught by Holly Johnson                                                                                                 $1,000

Solo and Ensemble Festival

Jenifer Carstensen - AMS

Of the 110 students participating in the Solo and Ensemble Festival, 21 will be performing solo pieces with piano accompaniments.  To compliment the time and energy that these particular students will put into learning their music, this grant will pay to engage the services of local piano teachers to be their accompanists.                                                                                                                      $420

Physics at Mt A

Kristi Healy - AMS

Students will undertake a physics science inquiry at Mount Ashland under the direction of Mica Cordilla. Students will design an experiment to test the change in acceleration of sledding by manipulating the mass, friction, or… This experiment will be graded for their BM3 Science Inquiry assessment.                                             $400

Caribbean Rhythms:  Steel Drums of Trinidad

Jan Christiansen - AMS

Purpose:  Explore a melodic percussion instrument—the steel drum of Trinidad.  The precursor of the steel drum ensembles were the “tamboo bamboo” bands created by the slave population in Trinidad.  After WWII, these ingenious natives fashioned new instruments from the discarded oil barrels & called them steel drums.                                                                                                                      $500

Art in Silks

Michelle Cuddeback – Helman Elementary

Students will explore the world of silk dying.  Local artist, Joy Light, will guide students through the creation of their own silk scarf using dyes and techniques commonly practiced by silk artists.            


Shade House Nursery

Mia Driscoll – Helman Elementary

Working in partnership with Lomakatsi Restoration Project, and an AHS senior, Helman Kindergartners, 3rd and 5th graders will construct a native plant shade house nursery at Helman Elementary School, for hands-on education to promote and increase environmental stewardship for all students, K-5.                                                      $1,000

Friday Explorations in Clay Making

Tia McLean – Helman Elementary

The Clay Making Friday Exploration is a cross grade opportunity for students, who have a particular interest in clay, to expand their knowledge of the topic and explore various clay crafting opportunities.                                                                                         $243

Sid Fleischman Author Visit

Hazel Smith – Helman Elementary

Sid Fleischman, Newbery Award winning author will present 2 sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon about being an author and about writing books.  He will end the visit to Helman School with an author signing event in the afternoon after the last session.                                                                                                   $550

Wilderness Survival

Tim Brandy - John Muir K-8

Students (grades 5-7) will learn wilderness survival skills including shelter building, edible plants, observable location markers and safe activities.                                                                                                  $500

Swimming Upstream

Camille Siders - John Muir K-8

To build on our study of water and the life cycle of the salmon, we will create life sized paper mache salmon in teams of three.  As a class we will study the coloration of salmon. Using this knowledge as the starting point, students will creatively embellishment their salmon.  Grades 3-4                                                                                                 $269

World Arts Program

Dan Hamnett - Walker Elementary

Every other year it is our tradition to focus on and celebrate world cultures, especially the arts with our grades 2-5 multi-age community. Throughout the year we bring community volunteers as well as paid artists to our classes and our school to provide workshops highlighting several world cultures.                                                  $740

Blender Enrichment

Mark Sherbow – Walker Elementary

The Blenders, multiage community of 52 six –eleven year old children, their families and two teacher are promoting a yearlong program of arts enrichment for the class. The enrichment will include a variety of the arts, including African Dance and drumming; a rock band; mask-making; pottery; watercolor; Batik; and basket weaving.                                                                                                 $800

Folk Tales

Nancy Keim – Walker Elementary

Students will perform three folk tales using an original script. They will engage in various drama activities, understand and memorize their parts, and create stage sets. This will culminate in performances for students at Walker School, and an evening performance for parents and friends.                                                                                            $400

Willow Wind Performance Area

Kevin Cooney - Willow Wind

Community Learning Center

The students will help plan for and create a modest outdoor performance space with curtains, a scenery backdrop and seating options for an audience.  They will also perform Renaissance theater – Shakespeare in the new performance space.                                     $500

A Full Moon Over Africa

Mullinnix Trisha - Willow Wind

Community Learning Center

The purpose of this grant is to request funds to further enhance our African curriculum by employing Denbaya African Drumming Group’s instructors who are recognized traditional West African master artists in the teaching of dance and drumming.  Their published curriculum is aligned with Oregon State Standards.



           Total 2006-07 Impact Grants Awarded by school as follows:


                        Ashland High School                                                 $4732.00

                        Ashland Middle School                                             $4270.00

                        Helman Elementary   School                                    $2001.00

                        John Muir K-8 School                                               $  769.00

                        Walker Elementary School                                       $1940.00

                        Willow Wind Community Learning Center               $1000.00


             Total 2006-07 Impact Grants Awarded:                          $14,712.00


*Bellview School did not submit any grant applications.