ASF Impact Grants 2005-06




Asian Culture Experiences

Tim Cate - AHS

All students will learn to eat w/ chopstick. Students will learn how to navigate on the Tokyo Subway system.            


Una foto vale mil palabras

 Abram Ditman- AHS

Students will use inexpensive digital cameras to document their daily lives and expand upon classroom topics. They will then share the images with their classes in PowerPoint presentations and slide shows, which they will narrate in the target language (Spanish).           


Watershed Education Weeks

Jim Lebo- AHS

Watershed Education Week will introduce students to their watershed through in-class comprehensive presentations and class discussions followed by several field trips that include macroinvertebrate collecting, chemical water testing and storm drain stenciling. 


Earth Teach for Catalyst

Mary McInerney– AHS

For the past 2 years, students in the alternative education program, Catalyst, have experienced a day of challenge, teamwork, problem-solving and natural resource education at Earth Teach.This is a powerful experience for these students and it facilitates their development on many levels. These students are at-risk for a wide range of reasons and this exciting “hands on” dayoffers them a great deal and they look forward to it all year long.  


Modeling Human Anatomy

Mark Miller - AHS

High School Anatomy & Physiology students will be directly responsible for creating and building a human muscle, vascular, and lymphatic system as a hands on enriching activity to coincide with comparative anatomy lessons. Students will be applying their knowledge of muscle origin, insertion, size and orientation to create the major muscle systems of the human body on the student skeletal model.    


Careers in Music

Gerry Pare - AHS

Adult mentors will run String Instrument sectionals plus large group rehearsals.  There will also be lectures on making and repairing of stringed instruments by a local repairperson as well as a trained luthier.


SAEJ Community Building Activities

Jay Preskenis – AHS

The SAEJ program (for ninth and tenth grade students who appreciate a more experiential approach to learning) will spend a great deal of time building accountability within the group of students, participating in meaningful community service activities and expanding their sense of community within and throughout Ashland.   However, many of these students do not have the money to pay for a backpacking trip or the wherewithal to provide lunch for themselves on a full-day field trip.


Catalyst & the Briscoe Art Wing

Caroline Spears – AHS

Catalyst is a drop-out prevention program, serving at-risk adolescents.  Briscoe Art Wing is inhabited by local artists.  The Catalyst-Briscoe Art Project would provide money for art supplies so that students could work with local artists, building relationship through a creative experience.Each of the two Catalyst classes would determine what “model” would work best for their group: either students working in small groups with artists or an entire class project.Last year, one of the Catalyst classes spent over 10 hours with Briscoe artists, but we had no money for supplies.  Nevertheless, students had meaningful interactions.                               


Ajurvedic Indian Cooking

Karen Green – AHS

Kumud and Krishna Gokani demonstrate Ayurvedic Indian cooking techniques. Cost includes two people for three hours each, delivery of two cooking classes, and all ingredients.                          


Edible Forest Garden

Jim Haim - AHS

This project includes the design and implement of an “Edible Forest Garden” on the Wilderness Charter School property. This hands–on project will allow students to gain useful, practical skills while learning a wide variety of curriculum in the areas of biology, ecology, agriculture, math, economics and history.                         


Africa: Roots of Rhythm

Jann Jaseau – AMS

New African drums will help World Music students learn West African drumming rhythms. Particular emphasis for the 6th grade team, Las Estrellas, who is studying sub-Sahara Africa.         


Butterfly Garden

Lynn Kunstman – AMS

The project involves planning and installing a large butterfly garden on the AMS campus.  The garden will then be used on an ongoing basis, by the entire school to study botany, ecology, art, biology, math etc.                                                                                


The Huichol People, History,

Culture & Art

Kathy Yeoman – AMS

Students will learn about Native Americans living in the mountains of Mexico.  Guest speaker Huichol artist and shaman Rosendo Carrillo de la Rosa will speak to each class about his people and his culture, and each student will complete a small beaded project.                             


The Dallas Brass

Jenifer Carstensen– AMS

The Dallas Brass Quintet will spend the day rehearsing with AMS & AHS band students in preparation for an evening performance.  The performance will include collaborative pieces written specifically for middle school and high school level band students, as well as several Brass Quintet features.                                                     


Broadway Jr. - Aladdin Jr.

Dianna Warner – AMS

Creating and performing a Broadway Jr. musical. Students are involved in all stages of production, both backstage and onstage creating lighting, sound, costumes, props and set and publicity.  Performance involves acting, singing and dancing.  This project directly supports drama at Ashland Middle School, which is no longer provided as part of the arts curriculum, because of significant budget cuts. It also supports our budding vocal music class taught by Holly Johnson.                                                                              


Sazon de Mexico

Gladys Contreras – AMS

Students will learn about Mexico and its cuisine through a cooking class. The classes will provide students with three unique experiences: they will learn to cook, practice their Spanish vocabulary, and improve their reading and writing skills by researching and creating a “Cocina Mexica” cookbook.                                        


Texture Arts

Joanne Luman – Bellview Elementary

Through the study of family life and culture in the mid-1800, students will develop knowledge and skill in texture arts of weaving, knitting, crocheting, and sewing skills.                                        


Exploring Kindergarten Music

Lindsay Tilley – Bellview Elementary

I am looking to enrich the education of my kindergarten class by providing them an opportunity to explore music with an experienced musician.  Through the music education, they would be exposed to rhythm, rhyming, patterning, instruments and voice tone.        


Apple Valley Club

Joanne Luman - Bellview School



As 7 to 9 years bridge to become fluent readers by reading-to-learn from learning-to-read readers, they want and need relevant chapter books for extend reading experiences.  This grant will support a unit of study called “Apple Valley”.  Students will explore life of the Pioneers and engage in activities that replicate the past.



Another Stitch in Time

Lori Fleuter – Helman Elementary

Last year, due to a generous ASF grant, three of us were able to teach our classes to knit.  This year it is our goal to continue knitting with those children, allowing them to become teachers of non-knitters. Knitting, and its impact on learning was so well received by children, parents and the community, that we are now expanding our grant request to include the entire school except for Kg and 1st grade.          


Brain Dance with Gene Leyden

Valerie McCoy – Helman Elementary

Two classes will individually participate in creative movement and dance once a week for 45 minutes each. Fifteen dance concepts with eight dance movements from Brain Gym will be taught within Folkdances and creative dance.                                       


Creating Community Through Music

Mary Snowden – Helman Elementary


Kindergarten would like to create community through an active music program. Kindergarten would receive 30 minutes of music every week.  To encourage a sense of community,  kinders and their “quad mates” would engage in a biweekly music program of song and movement.  In addition, our First Grade buddies would like to all get together during one inclusive session of singing.  


Fostering Sustainability

Michelle Cuddeback – Helman Elementary

The fifth graders and kindergarteners participate in weekly buddy activities. This Spring we’ll be focusing on sustainability and how to take care of the earth. We’ll be planting native trees and plants around the school grounds.                                                        


Science Inquiry

Berit Larson – Helman Elementary

Second and third grade students will engage in hands-on science inquiry projects with a ScienceWorks professional.  The students will be introduced to the methods of science inquiry using content appropriate for their grade level.  They will practice science processes, including: observation, communication, comparing, measuring, predicting, and investigating.  They will also learn how to form testable questions.                                                           


Stories Alive

Karen Scott – Helman Elementary

Intermediate students will learn storytelling presentation skills from a master storyteller and will later be taught by the same artist to create puppets for use in their own stories.  Fourth and fifth grade students will share their storytelling and puppets with younger students.                                                                             


Arts & Crafts in American History

Diane DeMerritt – Walker Elementary

Our study of American history will be enhanced by creative hands-on experiences common to early Americans. Types of activities will include braiding rag rugs, making cords, creating fire, traditional stitching, and toy making.                                            


Kinder Folk Song Study

Chris Stokes – Walker Elementary


Kinders will take the folk songs and folk dances that Emy Phelps introduces into their hearts.  The study of this kind of traditional or folk music is meant to convey an integral part of their cultural heritage. In the work we do to make the songs our own, we will be practicing the improvisation and creative aliveness inherent in folk culture.                                                                            



Budding Friendships, Intertwining Roots

Tim Brandy –Walker Elementary

Coming from three schools, Walker, Lincoln and Briscoe, the children at Walker have been provided with experiences to form one new community.  Budding Friends, Intertwining Roots continues this process by inviting children to invest in flowers, a universal sign of hope. This project will allow every child to plant a flower in the gardens in front of the school on Earth Day.  They will be able to watch their own and the entire flower garden grow and bloom throughout the first springtime of this new community.


Westward Expansion

Nancy Keim – Walker Elementary

Students will: (1) build shelters from materials found in nature, (2) identify and use tools found in nature, (3) study and use handmade, primitive archery bows, arrows and points, (4) prepare meals using Dutch ovens and fire, (5) identify food, animal tracks, etc. during nature walks.                                                                    


Willow Wind Garden Club

Stacey Faught – Willow Wind CLC

The Willow Wind Garden Club is a weekly way for children to get together socially and also be engaged in thoughtful activities centered around gardening.


             Total 2005-06 Impact Grants Awarded by school as follows:


                        Ashland High School                                                   $4641.00

                        Ashland Middle School                                               $4309.00

                        Belview Elementary School                                       $1250.00

                        Helman Elementary   School                                     $2298.00

                        Walker Elementary School                                       $3300.00

                        Willow Wind Community Learning Center              $1000.00


             Total 2005-06 Impact Grants Awarded:                           $17,498.00