Impact Grants 2004-05

African Rythms in the New World @AMS
African Rythms in the New World @AMS




Rock Band

Mark Schoenleber - AHS

Purchase guitars and percussion instruments for History of Rock and Roll classes (2 sections each semester).  Students wrote and performed music weekly.                                                           $800.00

Poetry and Persuasion

 Susan Thorngate - AHS

The teacher and students built a partnership with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and other local actors to conduct a series of workshops in learning to use one’s voice creatively and effectively in the oral interpretation of poetry and prose.  Students showcased their skills with middle and elementary level students in their classrooms and modeled their enjoyment of reading and oral  interpretation.                                                                              $300.00

ESL (English as a Second Language) Newsletter

Sandy Brand - AHS

ESL students will wrote articles, stories and poetry in English that reflect their perspective as immigrants to the U.S.  They used publishing software to design the newsletter themselves.       $400.00

TC (Transition Center) Life Skills Enhancement

Holly Johnson – AHS

TC students with significant disabilities used cooking and kitchen activities to become more self-sufficient and to gain job skills.  The specialized instruction needed by these students is not available in mainstream classes.                                                                     $499.00

Return of the Wolves

Jim Lebo – AHS

Brian Connelly, a volunteer at Yellowstone Park who is deeply involved in the efforts to re-introduce wolves there, presented his experiences to Biology, Catalyst and Wilderness Charter School classes.  Brian is an expert on the Lamar Valley wolf packs, has been a middle school English Teacher and has published a book.   His presentation enhanced the students’ in-depth study of the complex issues of endangered species, bio-diversity and the web of life, and human society/attitudes.                                                             $500.00

Modeling Human Anatomy

Mark Miller - AHS

High School Advanced Biology students were directly responsible for creating and building a human muscle, vascular, and lymphatic system as a hands on enriching activity that coincided with comparative anatomy lessons.  Students applied their knowledge of muscle origin, insertion, size and orientation to create the major muscle systems of the human body on the student skeletal model.


Earth Teach for Catalyst

Caroline Spear – AHS

Approximately 40 at risk students were given the opportunity to gain self-confidence and a sense of mastery through the physical challenge of a ropes course.  The students gained a stronger sense of teamwork and cooperation, as the activities required those skills.  The students worked with the SOU Youth Climbing Program on Friday afternoons in the Climbing Gym to develop their skills.


Broadway Jr. Musical

Dianna Warner – AMS

The Ashland Middle School drama students created and performed a Broadway Jr. Musical.  Students were involved in all stages of production, both backstage and onstage creating lighting, sound, costumes, props, set and publicity. The performance involved acting, singing and dancing.  This project directly supports vocal music and drama at AMS, which is no longer provided as part of the arts curriculum, because of significant budget cuts.  It also supports the benchmarks for the 8th grade standards in the Arts.               $1000.00

Tropical Rain Forest Critters

Gladys Contreras – AMS

Students learned about the wonders of the tropical rain forest, including their locations around the world, their culture, flora and fauna.  Using Fimo clay, students created a replica of the tropical rain forest critter they chose to study.                                    $350.00  

African Rhythms in the New World

Jann Jaseau - AMS

This cross-curricular project linked African tribal music, slave trade both in the US and the Caribbean, and the evolution of African music in the New World.  Using literature, history and music, a foundation was built for understanding how African rhythms were brought with the slaves and how new musical styles were then forged from the raw elements of the environment (both cultural, physical, and geographical) depending on what colonial influence the slave populations were subjected to.                                                   $998.00

Sazon de Espana

Gladys Contreras – AMS

Students learned about Spain and its cuisine through a cooking class.  The class provided students with three unique experiences:  they learned to cook, practiced their Spanish vocabulary and improved their reading and writing skills by researching and creating a “Cocina Española Sazón de España” cookbook.                                      $500.00

Instrumental Master Classes for Band

Jenifer Carstensen – AMS

Instrumental Master Classes were taught by SOU professors and available to all band students in the Ashland School District.  Students received two hours of in depth instruction regarding specific techniques for their instrument.  At the conclusion of the project, middle school students were assigned high school student-mentors in order to continue their pursuit of excellence on their band instrument.                                                                           $450.00

African Rhythms in the New World –Part 2

Jann Jaseau – AMS

In World Music, classes were taught by specialists in African drumming and in Afro-Cuban drumming, during the Africa Unit and the Caribbean unit of the 3rd trimester.  The musical experiences and history of musical developments enhanced the study of the slave trade in the 7th/8th grade social studies unit.  One literature link “The Slave Dancer” by Paula Fox was studied and research will be done to find another.                                                                                 $895.00

Multi-Cultural Flags

Amy Kneeland – AMS

This project’s aim is to integrate math and art curriculum, as well as serve as a vehicle to beautify the school as well as community.  Students will make flags while learning about measurement, particularly focusing on area and perimeter.  To conclude their unit, students will construct full sized flags to display at the front of the building during Cinco de Mayo and the school’s annual Bear Fair.

(extended from 2003-04)                                                           $999.00

Have a Heart

Joanne Cyphers – Bellview Elementary

Through the purchase of Second Steps, students received 17 weeks of activity-based social skills lessons to support their personal development.  The presentation of skills taught in Second Steps will have a lasting effect for all K - 3 students.  Additionally, literature related to the activities, were purchased for the school library.                                                                                          $996.00

School-wide Clay Project

Renee Gardener – Bellview Elementary

Students at Bellview have been developing their skills in clay.  We have two kilns and as a cooperative teaching group we have worked through a schedule of clay activities for all students.  This grant has increased our collection of tools for student use in their work with clay as well as having a variety of colorful glazes.                     


All About Electricity

Ingrid Hansen – Bellview Elementary

Supplies and resources were purchased to support the teaching of the electricity/energy/magnetism unit to fourth graders, each year (part of the fourth grade science curriculum).  The Unit is concluded by an informal electricity science fair for other students to come and see.                                                                                                $425.00

Integrating Art with Clay

Gail Buettner – Helman Elementary

Artist and retired school teacher, Julie Romberg, helped students throughout the school create clay sculpture projects that were integrated into current classroom unit studies.  Students and teachers learned more about the use of clay, glazes and the kiln procedures.                                                                                $1000.00

Glazes/Supplies for Clay Projects

Shirley Lenz – Helman Elementary

Purchased classroom sets of glazes to support the integrated “Art with Clay” projects by Julie Romberg.  Julie has organized the materials, provided clay in-service and instructions on using the kiln.                                                                                             $448.00

Oceanography & Estuary Study

Richard Gurwell – Helman Elementary

This was a culminating activity for our unit on Oceanography and Estuaries of the Southern Oregon Coast. It was part of a field trip that will allowed students to observe and study first hand this important area of our State and the relationship with nature and the elements of this geographical area.                                                                 $455.00

A Stitch in Time

Camille Siders – Helman Elementary

Teachers and community members taught second and third grade students how to knit.  Each child produced an ear warmer by the end of the year.  Because several children already knew how to knit, this was an opportunity for them to be leaders.  As children helped each other through the process, our classrooms became stronger communities.                                                                               $415.00

Kindergarten Movement & Music Exploration

Mary Snowden – Helman Elementary


Kindergarten students were given a developmentally appropriate introduction to music and movement opportunities to extend learning.  They learned about the science of sounds, and experienced instrument making and the use of scarves and other dance related objects that enhanced movement for young children. 


Silk Scarf Painting

Michelle Cuddeback – Helman Elementary

Joy Light, a parent and local artist, came to our class and lead small groups through the process of hand painting silk scarves.  Each student painted one scarf and gave it as a gift for Mother’s Day.  Through this project, students learned how art can be used and worn in daily life and how a career can be made out of wearable art.                                                                                                 $157.00

Backyard Music Dulcimer

Trisha Mullinnix – Lincoln Elementary

Second graders from Trisha Mullinnix’s class will took part in a year-long project learning how to play a dulcimer as well as studying its history and culture.  Students began by making their own dulcimers using kits from Backyard Music, a Connecticut company.  These kits were an inexpensive investment to teach

Kinesthetic (hands-on building), auditory (music) and visual (decoding skills) while creating a sense of accomplishment to young children.                                                                                        $500.00

Blender Snow Science

Mark Sherbow – Lincoln Elementary

The classroom in the Mountains is a unique program designed to provide a hands-on learning experience for school-age children of the Rogue Valley.  This was a great extension to our yearlong study of mountains and geology.  The Science program on Mt. Ashland   provided lessons in Winter Wildlife, Winter Safety and Snow Science.                                                                                      $450.00

Remembering Lincoln

All Staff – Lincoln Elementary

This was a school – wide project to help with closure process and very importantly development of the drawing ability of our children.  Working with a resident artist, students learned the principles of drawing with pencil. The subject was drawing the front of Lincoln School. Art pieces were matted and/or framed for children and families to have a “Piece of Lincoln” to remember their elementary school years.                                                                              $1050.00

Art @ Lincoln

Lisa Shelton – Lincoln Elementary


Created an art curriculum for early elementary grades that occurred once a week.  The curriculum included all aspects of art:  vocabulary, history lessons, different media, portfolios and exhibits.  (Extended grant from 2003-04)                                                                 $1000.00


A Giving Heart

Morgan Cottle –Walker Elementary

Students created a hand made tie-dyed quilt that was donated to a local women’s shelter.  The students learned to dye, sew and quilt, as well as learning the value of giving to others in need within the community.  The students also created a tie-died T-shirt that they will be able to keep as a memento of this project.                           $250.00

Dance of India

Dan Hamnet – Walker Elementary

Walker School is the elementary site for English as a Second Language.  As part of our school improvement plan to celebrate diverse cultures, we chose the Dance of India.  This was implemented by having Andrea Luchese as our resident artist, for classroom lessons and a culminating school assembly.                           $1000.00

Call of the Wild

Nancy Keim – Walker Elementary

Our class studied Native American Cultures and western expansion, particularly the early pioneers on the Oregon Trail.  The field studies at the Box R ranch included the following:

(1)     Building a large shelter from materials found in nature

(2)     Identifying and using tools found in nature

(3)     Studying and using handmade, primitive archery bows, arrows and points

(4)     Preparing biscuits using Dutch ovens and fire

(5)     Identifying food, animal tracks, etc. during nature walks at Box R Ranch.                                                                                       $400.00

Ballet Folklorico

Kate Nehrbass – Walker Elementary

Ballet Folklorico is a local Latino dance group.  In conjunction with Cinco de Mayo, they came to our school for a school assembly and to instruct students in dance from Latin America.  This supports our school improvement goal to find ways to celebrate the diverse culture.                                                                                          $350.00

American History Through Music

Pat Scalo – Walker Elementary

Our History Through Music project helped us teach United States History through the multidisciplinary activities of singing, dance, instrumentation, reading, writing, chronicling and performance.  Through this process, children came to know history in a more thorough and personal way.                                                      $1000.00

Aggie Pilgrim

Andy Bayliss – Willow Wind

Aggie Pilgram, Native American from the Takelma Tribe presented to several classes that have been studying Native Americans.

One-time visit.                                                                             $200.00

Dance of the Middle Ages

Judith Anne McBride – Willow Wind

The Celebration of Learning class at Willow Wind studied ‘early dance’ to further understand and enhance their study of the culture of life in the late middle ages.  Judy Kennedy, who has directed the Green Show for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival was the teacher for a series of 7 classes.                                                                   $175.00

Birds & Butterflies of Willow Wind

Stacey Faught – Willow Wind

A bird and butterfly garden was created using native plants.  We researched the habitat needs of birds and butterflies and developed and constructed an interpretive sign to share what we have learned.


Book Making

Judith Anne McBride – Willow Wind

Students of the Journey of Learning Class and the Celebration of Learning class have learned a method of “bookmaking” from Debbie Kalmakov.  They made covers using a process called ‘paste paper’ which they created and then bound the books by hand, creating a very unique work of art as well as a book.                                         $225.00

Mountain Habitat Garden

Kristi Mergenthaler – Willow Wind

Botany students helped plan, design, and install an educational mountain chaparral/ dry meadow habitat garden on Willow Wind School Grounds.  The learning objectives focused on plant taxonomy, horticulture botany, and plant ecology/biogeography with a bioregional focus on the Klamath Siskiyou flora.                $100.00

             Total 2004-05 Impact Grants Awarded by school as follows:


                        Ashland High School                                                 $3999.00

                        Ashland Middle School                                              $5192.00

                        Belview Elementary School                                      $1921.00

                        Helman Elementary  School                                     $3000.00

                        Lincoln Elementary School                                       $3000.00

                        Walker Elementary School                                       $3000.00

                        Willow Wind Community Learning Center             $  900.00


             Total 2004-05 Impact Grants Awarded:                          $21,012.00