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A Message from Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent of Ashland Schools

Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent
Juli DiChiro, Superintendent

Ashland School District has a strong commitment to providing a high quality, public education for all of our students. Students in the district consistently score high on local, state and national assessments of student achievement. Students can participate in a wide range of academics and activities that help them develop their mental, artistic, social, emotional and physical capabilities. However, due to the continued down turn in the economy causing state wide funding shortfalls, the district expects to cut $4.3 million worth of programs and services in the 2009-10 school year - close to 20% of our annual budget.

This is where the Ashland Schools Foundation comes in. The Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to support the programs and activities that our community tells us are important to them, but which the district cannot afford to provide. The 2009 campaign will focus its efforts on ensuring that literacy and libraries are supported for every student. 

By supporting ASF with your donation, you are ensuring that our children will attend schools that are able to provide a strong education that will enhance the growth and development of all of our students. Please be generous with your pledge – by supporting ASF you are investing in the future of our youth.  And as we all know, education is our smartest investment.

Juli Di Chiro
Superintendent of Ashland Schools