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The Ashland Schools Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be continuing our Impact Grant program for the coming school year. ASF Impact Grants are awarded to teachers for innovative and enriching classroom-based projects that directly engaged students. These funds are budgeted by school based on enrollment estimates and each school's total grant package. This will ensure that each school site has their own grant fund to use towards these grant projects.

Application Deadline for first round of grants:  Wed, October 4, 2017 - midnight
Application Deadline for second round of grants: Wed, January 31, 2018 - midnight


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including the Guidelines and Instructions appearing below.



Ashland Schools Foundation

Impact Grant Program Guidelines & Instructions

The Ashland Schools Foundation is dedicated to supporting educational enrichment activities for public school students in all schools at all grade levels.
Definition of ASF Impact Grants:
The Ashland Schools Foundations awards Impact Grants to teachers to implement projects that directly engage students in innovative and enriching classroom-based ideas for which no other district funding is available. These grants are meant to be classroom-based (but are not limited to the classroom environment), and are not intended to be funding for school-wide programs.  Funded by hundreds of community donors, Impact Grants are awarded by the Board of the Ashland Schools Foundation upon the recommendation of the Grants Committee, which consists of ASF Board members, parents, teachers, and community members who serve as representatives of the Ashland community and ASF donors.
Eligible Grant Recipients:
Grant applications must be written or sponsored by a teacher.  Students or others may generate ideas for grants, but the project must be sponsored by a teacher and may not be for an individual student project or applicable to a student’s individual work. Each grant applicant is eligible for funding of one grant in the fall, and may apply for unlimited grants in the spring, provided funding is available.  Priority will be given to applicants who have not been funded yet that school year.
Eligible Grant Activities:
Eligible grant projects are those that directly engage students and enhance educational activities.  Please see the list on page 2 for criteria that grants should meet during review.  Grants may involve a single classroom or multiple classrooms, but are not intended for school-wide programs.  Sharing grant activities, skills or outcomes with the rest of the school is encouraged. Grants are not to be used to attain equipment needed, unless the equipment is part of a grant project.
The same grant project is eligible to be funded for a second time in future years at the request of the applicant. Funding the same grant project beyond two times will be at the discretion of the committee depending on the project and the availability of funds.
The following are not eligible for funding through the Impact Grant process:
  •  Projects in which the grant request portion begins before funding has been approved.Ž     Transportation expenses.
  • Textbooks or textbook replacement.  Supplemental resources or curriculum materials that are an integral part of the project may be funded if the applicant can demonstrate there is no school district or other source of funds.
  • Staff development.
  • Food, unless it is used as an integral part of the grant learning activity.
  • School staff positions, or projects involving day-to-day running of the school
Note:   Equipment requested must support your hands-on project…not the other way around!
Note2: Hourly rate for services should NOT exceed $25 per hour. This includes payroll expenses.

Grant Amounts:
The maximum grant amount for a single classroom is $500.  Multi-classroom projects may be awarded more than $500, up to a maximum of $1000. No grant will be awarded more than $1000.
Each school has grant funds that are dedicated for grant applications from that school. These funds are distributed taking into account the enrollment of the school, the cost of educating students as they grown through the system, and other grant funds they receive from ASF through our other grant programs. 
AHS                       $5000
AMS                      $3750
Bellview                 $1750
Helman                  $1750
Walker                   $1750
John Muir               $ 750
Willow Wind           $1250
Total                   $16,000
Grant funds remaining in a school’s budget after awards during the second round, will be awarded to other schools who have eligible grants but no funds remaining at the end of the second round.  
Application Due Dates, Review of Applications and Awarding of Grants:
Although there are two grant deadlines, there are no guarantees that funds will be remaining for the winter deadline. It is possible that the entire grant budget of a school could be awarded in the fall. It is recommended that, if possible, teachers should submit grant applications in the fall to allow equal consideration with the other applications from their school. If they do not receive funding because of a lack of funds, they can be reconsidered at the winter deadline provided there are unawarded funds available from another school and their grant project opportunity has not passed.
·         Fall Grant applications must be submitted electronically, and are due at the ASF Office by midnight Wednesday, October 4, 2017.  Grants to be implemented at any time during the 2016-17 school year will be considered. All grants must be approved by the Principal.
·         The Grants Committee will review the grant applications by mid-October.  Recommendations will be made to the ASF Board at the October 18 ASF Board meeting.
·         Grant applicants will be notified of their status by October 20.
·         Availability of funding will be based on when the District Office has completed their coding – hopefully within 2 weeks of notification.
If all funds are not awarded in the October grant round, there will be a second application round with applications due midnight Wednesday, January 31, 2018.  The Grants Committee will review these grant applications by mid-February.  Recommendations will be made to the ASF Board at the regular February 14 ASF Board meeting, notifying grant applicants of their status as soon as possible.
Grant applications will be reviewed on following list of criteria:
  • Student–centered project that enriches students’ education
  • Engages students in interactive, hands-on experiences
  • Involves at least one entire class or class-sized group of students
  • Applicant is a teacher
  • Grant application completed fully and correctly
  • Evidence of good planning, grant project explained fully and clearly
  • No other district funding exists for project, or not enough to complete the project
  • Evidence that project addresses class or school-wide goals; curriculum areas addressed clearly
  • Personnel should not exceed $25/hour 
  • Does not exceed maximum grant amount ($500 single classroom, $1000 multi-classroom)
  • Budget clear and inclusive and supporting documents attached. 
  • PR opportunities clearly indicated with adequate time to make contacts
  • Engages community members, if appropriate
  • Evaluation process simple and clear
  • Approved by the principal
Grants that pass the review will be awarded funding according to the amounts available in their school’s budget. During the February meeting, the committee will review grants school by school, awarding grants according to the funds remaining in the school’s budget. At this same meeting, after the committee has completed the second application review and award process, any unawarded funds in the school’s budgets will become available for grants that met the grant criteria but did not have funding for their school available.
Therefore, at the second grant deadline schools may want to submit grants beyond their allotted budget on the chance that extra funds become available.  If schools submit grants for more than their allotted budget, principals will be given a chance to rank grants by school priority to guide the grants committee should the grants merit funding, but not enough funds are available.  
Application Process:
Applications will only be accepted electronically.  The application should be emailed to   Application forms will be e-mailed to all teachers and may be found in the grants section of the ASF web page.
It is recommended that grant applicants read the list of grant criteria (page 2) to prepare your grant for review by the committee.
Purchases will be processed through your school office, following district policy. Personnel must go through the hiring process at the district office to determine if they are an independent contractor or will be a temporary employee. Except under special circumstances, personnel will be paid at an hourly rate determined in your negotiations with them…with a maximum of $25 per hour.
To complete the application:
·         Open the files “ASF Grant App 2017-18” and “ASF Grant Budget 2017-18”
·         Use the “Save As” option under the “File” menu and save the files in your C:\ drive
·         Type information directly into the forms:
1.    Complete the Grant Application Summary & Description (Parts A & B)
2.    Sign the application (Part C) with your electronic signature.  If you do not have one, simply type your name (or the name of the lead teacher if more than one is involved) in the space provided.
3.    SAVE the document to your C: drive.
4.    Complete the ASF Grant Application Budget – gather supporting documentation (see Grant Application Information Required section above).  SAVE!
5.    Email both files to your principal for electronic verification of his/her concurrence with the grant application (Part D).  Ask him/her to email the signed application and budget form to the ASF office, and to copy you on the email so you will know the application was submitted to the ASF, by the deadline – October 4th or January 31st at midnight.
6.    Save the returned signed files in your C:\ Drive as the final copy.
7.    Send supporting budget documentation that is not electronic to the ASF Office at AMS through the courier with a printed copy of the budget.
If you have any problems or questions with these procedures, please contact ASF.
Funding procedures:
ASF will forward notification of the funded grants with payment to the District Office accounting department on or about October 20 for the fall grants, and February 16 for the winter grants. The District Office staff will set up accounts for each grant, and will notify office managers of the account numbers.  The grantee will work with his/her office manager on the spending of the grant funds.  Please note that payment of any services will require going through the District Office and following the district procedures for payment of services. The grant recipient should allow enough lead-time to complete the process before expected payment of the individual. Please talk with your office manager about the district approved process.
Grant Evaluation requirements and process:
Grant Evaluation forms will be emailed to the grant recipient with notification of the awarding of their grant. Recipients will be required to complete the Grant Evaluation Form, complete the actual expenses portion of their original Grant Budget Form, and to submit photographic documentation of the grant. 
Grant Evaluations, photographs and PR or other supporting materials will be welcomed at anytime after completion of the grant.  The deadline for receipt of evaluation documents will be one month after your stated Project End Date. Projects ending after May 1 have an evaluation deadline of June 1. Failure to complete the grant evaluation requirements will result in ineligibility to apply for a grant in the next school year.
Changes in Grants or Non-implemented Grants
Once a grant has been awarded, it is expected the teacher will implement the grant as written. If changes need to occur, those changes should be approved by the ASF office. Changes that keep the original spirit and substance of the grant will be approved.
A school that has a grant awarded, but subsequently discovers the grant cannot be implemented, should notify the ASF that the grant is being returned. If this is done before the second grant review meeting, the amount of the grant will be returned to the school’s budget for reapplication by new grants in the second round of grants reviews. If notification happens after the second round grant review meeting has passed, the funds will be returned to the ASF General Fund. No re-application of new grants for old will be allowed after the final grant review meeting.
Grant Extensions
Impact Grants are expected to be implemented and completed within the year they are awarded.  However, the Ashland Schools Foundation understands that unusual circumstances might arise that may delay the completion or implementation of a grant. Therefore, grantees may apply for a one-year grant extension to allow the completion or implementation of an Impact Grant the following school year.
Grant extension applications must be received by the ASF by May 15.  Applicants will be notified by June 1 regarding the status of their extension request.  In order to receive a grant extension, the grantee must be working in the Ashland school district in the next school year with the appropriately aged students, and a reasonable attempt to have implemented the grant in the year awarded must be shown. Although some changes in the grant may be allowed, the spirit and substance of the extended grant cannot change.  Grants may not be extended more than once.

Further Information:

Questions may be emailed to or asked by calling 541-482-8197.

Application Checklist:
□    Application Form Completed 
□    Budget Form Completed
□    Budget support documents sent to ASF (if needed)
□    Copy of each form saved on your computer
□    Application/Budget sent to principal for approval and to ASF by grant deadline

Grant Awarded Checklist:
□    Grant publicized to parents, school, community
□    Grant implemented
□    Photos taken during grant activities

Evaluation Checklist:
□    Evaluation form completed
□    Eval form, photos and any PR pieces sent to ASF within one month of grant completion