The Ashland Schools Foundation Endowment Fund


The Ashland Schools Foundation has established a long-term endowment fund, to be used for permanent enhancement programs. An Endowment Fund is typically set up so the original donated funds are never spent, and only interest from the fund may be withdrawn and used for purposes stated by the donor or the organization. The ASF endowment fund is still in its growing state with interest being reinvested in the fund. When the fund reaches $500,000 the
Ashland Schools Foundation
may begin drawing from the interest income to support operations and grants.

A donation to the Endowment Fund is an ideal gift for many grandparents to make on behalf of grandchildren in the schools, either for a special event, or in honor of the student.

A donation to the Endowment Fund of $1,000 or more entitles the donor to an engraved plaque on a seat in the Ashland High School Mountain Avenue Theater.

If you have an interest in making a gift to the ASF Endowment Fund, please contact us:

Ashland Schools Foundation
100 Walker Ave.
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541-482-8197


Gifting Legacies


Joan Spears
Joan Spears, legacy donor
Joan Spears, who has lived in Ashland for more than 30 years and is a longtime volunteer in the Ashland Schools, decided in 2006 to create a legacy gift to the Ashland Schools Foundation Endowment Fund.  A former psychiatrist, Spears got involved with Ashland Schools because she knew the schools needed help.  I value education and wanted to contribute.  Although I went to school in the East, I was connected here, remarks Spears.
Spears set up a charitable remainder trust with the help of ASF and the Oregon Community Foundation a nonprofit that, among other things, acts as trustee for charitable trusts and gift annuities. The trust will give Joan income for the rest of her life through the interest on the account, after which the corpus of the trust will be added into the ASF Endowment Fund.  Executive Director, Susan Bacon, commented, An Endowment Fund is huge.  It allows us to work towards covering all costs of the Foundation so a higher percentage of our annual donations will go towards programs in the schools.
A legacy gift can be any of several types of gifts that can be left from your estate to benefit the Ashland Schools Foundation. In the case of Charitable Remainder Trust, a sizeable gift of stock or cash is given by a living donor to the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) on behalf of Ashland Schools Foundation.  That gift, in the year it was given, is immediately recognized by the government as a tax-deductible donation. Throughout the life of the donor, tax-free interest income is drawn and given back to the donor.  When the donor passes away, the principal (original donation) is then turned over from the Oregon Community Foundation to the Ashland Schools Foundation Endowment Fund (also housed at OCF). If you are interested in discussing Planned Giving or an Endowment Gift, please contact ASF.