Grant Summary 2011-12

2011-12 ASF Grants:
School Literacy & Library Grant Amount Impact Grants Total Grants
AHS Librarian/English/Tutoring Center $101,715 $4,405 $106,120
AMS Librarian / Reading $47,000 $3,000 $50,000
Bellview Librarian $20,000 $2,310 $22,310
Helman Librarian $20,000 $2,294 $22,294
Walker Librarian $20,000 $2,260 $22,260
John Muir Reading / Class support $ 8,000 $ 750 $ 8,750
Willow Wind Reading support $10,000 $1,175 $11,175
  TOTAL $226,715 $16,194 $242,909

Ashland High School

Food for Thought

The AHS Transition Program, serving 18-21 year old students who have special needs, practiced budgeting their money, shopping for food, following recipes, and cooking nutritious meals. Students shared their meals with friends in the community, and peers from the AHS student body.


AHS Music Production AHS students requested a class in music production to learn how to compose and record their own music. By February 1, each student in the class will create an original compact disc of recorded music! This project will purchase high quality recording equipment and sound editing software. It will be used primarily by our Music Production class in professional level production activities and by our whole music department in many recording applications.


Ubran Ecology Enhancement Urban Ecology class and the SAEJ (Social Action Environmental Justice) program worked on expanding the Grizz Garden, developing a local bird sanctuary, and pruning the former Wilderness Charter School orchard and AHS grounds.  ASF provided the tools…the students provided the muscle and the know-how!


Science: As Seen On TV

Students solve DNA "mysteries" when they learn current scientific techniques commonly used in professional laboratories and seen in several current television shows that deal with forensics and scientific research. Student lab groups must accurately measure and transfer millionths of solutions to complete labs that involve cutting and separating very small pieces of DNA.

Lower the Classroom Walls in Catalyst

Catalyst students visited Sanctuary One and Wildlife Images to learn about and experience wildlife biology, species, planting trees, permaculture and conservation from resident experts.

Measurement for the 21st Century

Students in chemistry, biology and AP environmental science will be using these new pH probes to more accurately collect data from a wide variety of acid/ base labs directly into the computers. Using this technology will aid students with the work they will encounter at the college level and in modern science laboratories.

Rock this School

The History of Rock and Roll is an extremely popular class, but was in need of funding for instrument repair and purchase.  The class sponsors Open Mics and Concerts for the whole student body and provides a place for novice to expert (teen-aged) songwriters to shape their craft. This class is able to keep on rocking...because of help from ASF donors.

Ashland Middle School

Solo & Ensemble Coaching

Through ASF funding, the AMS Band was able to hire local professional musicians as coaches for small ensembles. The individualized attention helped students become better musicians, and allowed them to do their best in the Southern Oregon District’s Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Careers in Music

The AMS Orchestra was funded to bring adult professional musicians into the classroom to facilitate sectionals and large group rehearsals plus give informational lectures or hold discussions to increase student and group success.

Latino Culture Dancing

Read an article
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6th grade students in the Latino Culture and Spanish Language Class get a taste of "Dancing with the Stars" when they receive eight weeks of lessons on Cha-Cha and Samba from a local professional ballroom dance instructor. They not only get to get up and move in learning the dances, but they learn about the culture of the dance too.

Miranos (look at us)

Students create a skit, song or dance with Spanish vocabulary they have been learning to be filmed and shown to other Spanish students. The grant provides small handheld video cameras, and a digital picture frame to hang in the Spanish area commons for all students to view the masterpieces...learning more Spanish along the way!

Yoga Instruction

Yoga for the Special Child practitioner, Kirsten Brown, is teaching students in Janet Voorhies class Yoga poses and techniques that increase body awareness, strength and flexibility, and also improve concentration.  The teachers in the class are learning alongside the students, so they will be able to carry on this lifelong activity even after Kirsten's lessons are over.

Beauty and Beast Jr

The drama program at AMS involves 60 or more students, working on several productions each year. This spring students will put on Beauty and the Beast, Jr - a shortened version of the popular Broadway play. This grant supports students both onstage and backstage as they learn just what it takes to produce top notch theatre!

John Muir K-8 School

Improvisational Workshop

Improvisation - acting or reacting spontaneously in the moment   is a surprisingly difficult but useful skill. Students in all the classes at John Muir school are receiving improvisational drama classes from Kyndra Laughery, a local professional actor and workshop leader. Practicing improvisation benefits students’ public speaking, confidence, creativity, and the joy of performance. It also enhances problem solving skills across many different disciplines - particularly engineering!

Bellview Elementary School

Overnight Safari

After studying about animals, food chains and animal habitats Bellview's 4th graders will visiting the Sacramento Zoo on an "Overnight Safari!"  On this field trip the students will have the opportunity to observe, interact with and compare their knowledge and research with live animals.

Adventures in GeoCaching

Geocaching is a real-world "treasure hunt" game that involves using GPS devices and a set of clues to find containers hidden by other geocachers.  Bellview 3rd graders are able to use this new set of Garmin GPS devices to enhance their yearlong study of maps, geography, and graphing as they go out into the community to go geocaching. Once they learn how to navigate, they can go geocaching locally and on trips as a fun family activity.

Newport Field Trip

Bellview fifth graders culminate their elementary experience with an end-of-year, three-day field trip to the Oregon Coast. 5th grade curriculum includes oceanography, and students use their new-found knowledge to take part in laboratory, boat and beach investigations!

Helman Elementary School

 April 30 - May 4 is Pond Week at Helman School! Every Helman student will engage in a hands-on field experience to extend and apply curriculum that they have studied in class.

Native and Non-Native Species at the Ashland Pond

Kindergarten and first grade students will work withLomakatsi to differentiate between native and non-native plant species at the Ashland Pond.  They will use all five senses to identify types of trees.  Students will create plant placards and label the trees that Helman students have been planting at Ashland pond for the past three years.

Water Quality and Aquatic Macro-invertebrates at the Ashland Pond

Helman Elementary School 4th and 5th grade students will partner with the Bear Creek Watershed Education Project (BCWEP).  Students will have the opportunity to work with biologists in the field at the Ashland Pond.  Students will test the temperature, PH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen levels to determine the quality of the water in Bear Creek.  Students will also collect and study aquatic macro invertebrates.

Birds of Ashland Pond

Teachers and students will collaborate with Klamath Bird Observatory (KBO) ornithologists to create an Ashland Pond specific hands-on birding curriculum and student activity booklet.  Students will engage in classroom and field experiences with Annie and her assistant from KBO.

Environmental Education at Ashland Pond

Students will engage in hands-on environmental educational opportunities with Southern Oregon University’s Environmental Education students to create pond guiding booklets to use during the field studies in May.

Bird Masks!

Second grade students will work with Polly Beach, a local art educator, to create papier mache bird masks.  Students will be studying beak shapes and purposes, along with bird coloring as part of their environmental education lessons.  They will be able to translate this new knowledge into fun art lessons using design, color, and balance.

Walker Elementary School

Kinder Music & Movement

Kindergarten classes do not have regular PE or Music classes. This grant enables Walker’s Kindergartners to work with a movement specialist, Tina Clark, once each week during a planned physical and music activity time that will extend the classroom curriculum through games, songs, movement, and dance. Kinders will perform for reading buddies, the entire school, and their families. 

Revolutionary Acts

Students will be studying the American Revolution through the use of a simulation.  To supplement the simulation, they will use literature-based novel sets to increase the depth of understanding.  After reading the novels, groups of students will work together to turn those novels into short plays that they will present to other classes.

Animals, Animals, Animals

Kindergartners will participate in two hands-on, interactive programs in order to enrich the kindergarten science curriculum unit on animals. Children will spend a day at ScienceWorks studying cold-blooded reptiles…including "Beardy the Bearded Dragon!" The Kindergartners will also have the Bugs-R-Us program visit their classroom with artifacts and activities about the mammals of Southern Oregon.

Empty Bowls

Students in Walker's 1st and 2nd grades worked with artist Wataru Sugiyama on pottery techniques, then used these skills to create a bowl from clay to contribute to Schneider Museum of Art’s 10th annual Empty Bowls show, a fundraiser to alleviate hunger in our community. Students gained a knowledge of hunger in the community - and were empowered to realize their ability to help.

Willow Wind Community Learning Center

Around the World

Wataru Sugiyama, a local Japanese artist, taught these Willow Wind 2nd and 3rd graders about Japanese food, culture and customs to enhance their study of the relationship between food, geography, and culture around the world.

Out of this World

4th and 5th graders in Sue Pindell and Sheryl Cochran's classes had their study of space enhanced with Science Works portable planetarium! The planetarium was set up at Willow Wind and was the focal point of their Space Fair. As part of the fair, other classes also received a lesson inside the planetarium. 

Lunch Bunch

Students in the 6th grade Environmental Science Class are designing, engineering and building a multi-tiered recycling receptacle modeled after the recycling and composting bins they saw on their sustainability tour of Portland last spring.  Students will be responsible for the project from start to finish - and will have the satisfaction of positively impacting the recycling efforts on the entire Willow Wind campus!