After School Enrichment Partnership (ASEP) Program

world percussion class
             World Percussion Class
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Unfortunately the after school enrichment program has had to be canceled for the 2018-19 school year due to the loss of our partner, SOU Youth Programs who was implementing the program. Do to a change in their responsibilities they no longer had the capacity to run the ASEP program. We hope the program can return someday, but we currently do not have plans to bring it back any time soon. Thanks so much for the help of all our supporters. 

The Ashland Schools Foundation began an after-school enrichment program in the three elementary schools during the 2017-18 school year. The program was started because the schools had lost nearly all after school programming due to cuts in Federal Title 1 funds.

ASF partnered with SOU Pre-College Youth Programs to develop and implement the program. The partnership offered after-school classes for 2nd-5th graders on Tuesdays-Thursdays during three 6-week sessions in the fall, winter and spring. The program had 500 student enrollments – and 40% of those were low-income students with their tuition fully waived. The students experienced fun, educational classes like:
Garden Fresh Cooking
                 Garden Fresh Cooking
3D Paper Art • Basic Sewing • Build a Pollinator Garden • Ceramics
Chain-Reaction Contraptions • Chemical "Wizardry" • Children's Yoga
Circus Arts • Dance & Movement • Engineering Fun • Garden-Fresh Cooking
 German Language Immersion • Indoor & Outdoor Games • Intro to Acting
Lego Robotics • Mixed Media Painting • Page to Stage • Playing with Poetry
 Printmaking • Sketch Your Ideas • Soft-Tipped Archery
Song-Writing on Keyboards • Spanish Language & Culture
Strategies of Chess • The World of Cloth
Theater Make-Up • World Percussion
Unfortunately, we had to commit to the program without full funding in place, and the program ran at a deficit this school year. ASF does not have the resources to run at a deficit – we put all of our donations in use each year.
Lego Robotics
          Lego Robotics

In order to keep the ASEP program in the
schools in the 2018-19 school year, we will need to raise $50,000 by June 20, 2018 or be forced to close the program. This will also enable us to write grants and fundraise during the school year to get funding for the following year.
If we are able to keep the ASEP program in the schools next year, we plan to open up the program to John Muir and Willow Wind elementary-aged students.  Obviously we don't have the funds to bring programs to their schools, but they will be invited to register for courses at Bellview, Helman or Walker – but they will need to provide their own transportation to get there.

Click HERE to view the recent Tidings Article about the program fund drive.

2017-18 ASEP facts:
  • Three 6-week long sessions were held during the year – fall, winter & spring.
  • 62 classes were offered across 3 campuses.
  • Courses are age-appropriate for 2nd-3rd, 3rd-5th, or 4th-5th graders.
  • The program had a total of 500 enrollments during the year.
  • 40% of enrollments had tuition waived for low income students. 
We must raise $50,000
by June 20, 2018 or the program will be closed.
Here’s what parents with kids in the program had to say:
  • It was wonderful, my son enjoyed the STEM class so much he came home building small cities in his bedroom. Thank you for offering inspiring, engaging learning activities for our kids!
  • I appreciated the time you all take to better our children's lives by giving them the opportunity to learn new and interesting stuff.
  • It is a wonderful program. It was so wonderful my daughter got an opportunity to be a part of classes we normally couldn't afford. She loved both her classes!
  • Thank you! My child enjoyed the class a lot, liked to have something different than regular after care, and made a new friend.
Circus Arts thankyou
                        Circus Arts Class