2015-16 Grant Summary

2015-16 ASF Grants:
School Educ Support* Impact Grants** Total Grants
AHS $71,000 $ 6,031 $77,031
AMS $42,000 $ 4,681 $46,681
Bellview $16,000 $ 1,529 $17,529
Helman $16,000 $ 2,500 $18,500
Walker $16,000 $ 1,000 $17,000
John Muir $  7,500 $    851 $  8,351
Willow Wind $  9,500 $ 1,408 $10,908
Grant Totals $178,000 $18,000 $196,000

                   * estimates                     **25 Impact Grants
Education Support grants pay for teachers, educational assistants
and specialists to affect class size wherever possible.

The Ashland Schools Foundation raises funds beginning in the spring for grants in the Ashland Public Schools the following school year.


Project Name Teacher(s)                                Grant Description Amt awarded
Ashland High School
The POWER OF LIVE THEATRE for PACE Students B Bishop 29 Pace students (a remedial English class for juniors and seniors) studied YEOMAN OF THE GUARD, as presented at OSF. The students read, discuss, and learn about the historical time setting. Many of these students do not see live theatre due to cost, time, work duties and lack of experience. A matinee opportunity fulfills a cultural literacy need. $841
Their Lives Through the Lens Prusko The grant funds purchased a “fast” wide-angle lens to allow for high-quality photos/videos for yearbook, digital media, advanced digital media, and visual design classes. $500
Mini-Me Manikins M Kenfield  
Ashland High School Anatomy & Physiology students use a three-dimensional manikin which is manipulated to study each of the body systems. The manikins enhance our students’ learning through hands-on body system construction. Students apply their knowledge of muscle origin, insertion, size, muscle striation, and orientation to create the major muscle systems of the human body on the student skeletal model. Student practice the bones by labeling the manikin bones with pencils.
The Outdoor Classroom Sorensen, Wahpepah, Parowski, McNeill  
This project engaged students in a collective effort to improve a specific natural area both within their bioregion and their school district. Issues related to endangered species protection, water quality and historic indigenous land use were addressed. Students in participating classes throughout the school district become land stewards, learning how to work together as a team. Skills such as communication, situational awareness and thoughtful caretaking are developed. This grant will provided students with the ability to partner with local community members and organizations, learn streamside forest management skills, give back to their community, and have a hands-on experiential learning opportunity.    
Instrumental Enrichment L Trolley In both Orchestras (Chamber and Concert), which include students in grades 9-12, there is an extremely wide range of skill level. With this grant, professionals were hired to provide supplemental instruction to students individually and/or in small groups. The instruction gave extra support to struggling students, helped students in the development of their technical skills, and provided extensions for students who were ready for a challenge. $1000
Grizz Garden Living Machine Hartman & Kenfield The goal of this project is to restore a non-functioning cracked cement pond in AHS’s Grizz Garden. Eight classes of students combined to restore the pond and create a large scale living machine - a series of aquatic environments in which bacteria and wetland plants transform pollutants. It also serves as a solar power demonstration site, floating plants will be grown on the surface and urban wildlife will benefit. $674
Hands On Banking and Community Access R Bjornson
The funds from this grant helped to teach functional, “real life money management” skills to students who seldom handle money. Skills taught were accessing and accounting for withdraws and expenses, independent living skills such as budgeting, and community leisure activities.  $450
Synergo Challenge Course J Wahpepah
Synergo Challenge Course offers a unique opportunity with far reaching effects for our special education students.  They are given the opportunity to practice teamwork, build self- esteem, establish trust, and conquer fears.  The students were greatly impacted by this annual experience and it has become a highlight of the program and is empowering for the students to work towards and earn something through effort, actions, and attitude. 
AHS 2015-16 Impact Grant Total $6,031
Project Name Teacher(s)                                 Grant Description Amt awarded
Ashland Middle School
Gaining  Mathematical Concepts and Confidence Altringer This grant provides CatchUpMath software access for students in a math individual needs class to enable them to receive individual instruction to catch up in math. They will later present the concepts to 6th grade students and next year's 7th and 8th grade INC students by creating short instructional videos. This project not only serves students in math, but will give them opportunities to orally present concepts using technology, benefiting them technically and in their presentation skills. $297
Mi Propio Cuento Gonzalez After reading two short, beginning level stories in Spanish (purchased by grant funds), students will have the opportunity to create their own stories (in Spanish) based on vocabulary learned in the classroom. They will use the art journals provided to turn their stories into illustrated books. $405
6th Grade Outdoor School Siskiyou & Cascade Teams
(6 classes)
Each of the two 6th grade teams at AMS had a chance to learn outdoors in the wilderness. Each 3-class team took 90 6th graders and 10 high school students for a 4-day 3-night outdoor school experience at Mountain Lakes Organizational Camp near Upper Klamath Lake in May. Both teams did additional fundraising for the trip.
(2 separate grants @ $1000 each)
Bridging the Gap Cormier & Brown This project helped bridge the gap for students who have learning and physical disabilities. The assistive technology purchased assisted students with reading fluency, comprehension and writing. One device was portable, to help expand inclusive opportunities for the students who are integrated into general education classrooms; while the other program assisted with building language arts.  $479
Lion King Jr
Warner The AMS Musical engages students in all areas of production and performance of a Broadway musical, rewritten to be accessible to the middle school age student. This is the only school-wide opportunity for students to participate in theatre, vocal music and dance at AMS. It is also a great opportunity for elementary students to see a theatrical performance that is appropriate and accessible to their age group. $500
Greenhouse Aquaponics Nguyen & Craugh  
Students helped renovate AMS’s timeworn greenhouse, incorporating a rain catchment system, and building an aquaponics system inside. Through this project, students worked together to learn about science through scientific inquiry, the process of engineering and design, and developed 21st century skills of problem solving and collaboration.
 AMS 2015-16 Impact Grant Total $4,681
Project Name Teacher(s)                                 Grant Description Amt awarded
Bellview Elementary School
Hatfield Marine Science Trip Schmeling, Olson As part of a larger trip to Newport to explore coastal ecosystems, students participated in inquiry-based learning at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Hands-on field classes at the center allowed students to engage with specific organisms and evaluate the health of the ecosystem using clues about student-collected specimens. $1000
Field trip to Shasta Caverns Palmesano & Gates Third grade students, who had been studying rocks and minerals, visited Lake Shasta Caverns which is one of three known caverns in the deep limestone beds of Shasta County. Students learned how the hollowing out of mountains begins when ground water flows through fissures in the limestone. Students loved seeing the cave formations that have taken hundreds of years to form. $529
Bellview 2015-16 Impact Grant Total $1,529
Helman Elementary School
“Ear Reading” for students with Dyslexia Voorhies
Students with text reading disability can benefit from reading by listening. There is a service called Learning Ally (formerly Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic) that provides thousands of audio books that include texts typically read as a class. We are currently lacking enough portable technology to offer this service to all of the students who could benefit from this service. We are looking to increase the number of iPods to make the service more accessible. $800
Digital Storytelling of Scientific Concepts Dorr & Donbrasky On a multi-day field trip to the Oregon coast, 5th grade students created short video presentations describing ecosystems, interdependence, the flow of energy, etc. They took photographs using the cameras provided by this grant, and put them into a short movie using iMovie to demonstrate scientific concepts. $1000
Learn Math & Literacy Through P.E. McLean & Driscoll All students love to move!  When bodies are active, brains are active and deeper learning can occur. Helman Kindergarten used grant funds to hire a guest teacher who was writing a kindergarten curriculum tailored to the Common Core that actively engaged students while they learn. Kindergarten students attended additional P.E. enrichment classes. Games, movement and kinesthetic activities helped students master grade level standards like recognizing letters and sounds, reading common high frequency words, counting by 1’s and 10’s, adding and subtracting within 10, and breaking words into individual sounds). $700
Helman 2015-16 Impact Grant Total $2,500
Project Name Teacher(s)                                Grant Description Amt awarded
Walker Elementary School
Basic Shapes in Art and Poetry Sayre, Alvord, Yurchis, & Warrence-Schreiber Working with artist, Polly Beach, Kindergarten students developed art skills using contour to define basic shapes and composition. Students worked with the natural world – either drawing outside (weather permitting) or by bringing nature indoors.  This provided a strong base on which to examine and add details, base colors and with a little luck some shading with color blending. Students explored their pictures through sensory prompts - what it feels, tastes, looks, smells and sounds like, then added descriptive words to create poetry. $1000
Walker 2015-16 Impact Grant Total $1,795
Project Name Teacher(s)                                Grant Description Amt awarded
John Muir K-8 School
Outdoor Education Supplies Bowers, Ososke, Rihan & Boyd This project is two-fold.  One portion involved the purchase of natural sciences field guides that supported outdoor education activities across multiple grades at the school. The second portion will funded thick leather work gloves for an ongoing riparian restoration project along Bear Creek below Willow Wind School. $451
Movement Enrichment Meyeroff & Boyd Dance teacher, Bethany King, taught creative dance/movement to grades K-3, enhancing students’ learning through kinesthetic integration. Dance/movement classes for grades K-3 will support John Muir School’s Art Focus program, which is an integral part of its arts curriculum. $400
John Muir 2015-16 Impact Grant Total $851
Willow Wind CLC
Jugglemania and Beyond Terry, Kleespie, Pindell The 2015-2016 school year at Willow Wind was highlighted by a K-8, cross-curricular study at Willow Wind covering numerous topics related to movement and motion. They culminated the physical science aspect of these studies with an all-campus interactive assembly by OMSI. The presentation, which used juggling to demonstrate various motion concepts, was followed by instruction for students in the art of juggling. As a follow up, juggling materials were available during lunch, and served the dual purpose of supporting the motion/movement concepts taught over the course of the year, as well as improving their lunchtime climate by providing an additional activity for students. $1408
Willow Wind 2015-16 Impact Grant Total $1408
25 PROJECTS - TOTAL 2015-16 IMPACT GRANTS: $18,000