Grant Summary 2014-15

2014-15 ASF Grants:
School Educ Support* Impact Grants** Total Grants
AHS $70,000 $ 4,934 $74,934
AMS $42,000 $ 2,005 $44,005
Bellview $16,000 $ 1,299 $17,299
Helman $16,000 $ 1,775 $17,775
Walker $16,000 $ 1,795 $17,795
John Muir $  7,500 $    141 $  7,641
Willow Wind $  9,500 $    600 $10,100
GrantTotals $177,000 $12,549 $189,549

                          * estimates                     **23 Impact Grants
Education Support grants pay for teachers, educational assistants
and specialists to affect class size wherever possible.

The Ashland Schools Foundation raises funds beginning in the spring for grants in the Ashland Public Schools the following school year.


Project Name Teacher(s)                           Grant Description     Amt awarded
Ashland High School
The POWER OF LIVE THEATRE for PACE Students B Bishop 22 Pace students (a remedial class for juniors and seniors) would study a play offered at OSF next year, preferably MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING or GUY and DOLLS.  Many of these students do not see live theatre due to cost, time, work duties and lack of experience. A matinee opportunity would fulfill a cultural literacy need $650
Keeping Science Cool B DeSalvo, J Lebo, K Kennedy Science is challenging, but science should also be fun.  We would like to purchase a liquid nitrogen tank that we can refill annually to create a very fun education experience for all our physical science students.  Watching roses shatter when they hit the floor, liquefying a student’s breath,  making ice cream-  our students love the demos and labs and it keeps that magical wonder of science alive for our students.  It is this love for science that will inspire more scientists for the future.  $790
Mini-Me Manikins M Kenfield & M Miller  
Ashland High School Anatomy & Physiology students use a three-dimensional manikin which is manipulated to study each of the body systems. The manikins enhance our students’ learning through hands-on body system construction. Students apply their knowledge of muscle origin, insertion, size, muscle striation, and orientation to create the major muscle systems of the human body on the student skeletal model. Student practice the bones by labeling the manikin bones with pencils.
Experiential Project Learning in Catalyst C Spear & R Sorensen  
Catalyst is a “hands on”, project based alternative education program that serves Ashland High School students in grades 11 and 12.  Classroom content is extended into the “real world” via field trips, gardening projects, cooking projects and walking field trips.  Students in Catalyst require intense engagement in their education – both in terms of the small community and the “hands on” approach in order to remain in school on a graduation track.
Sectional Instruction L Trolley To develop technical skills and musical concepts in the AHS Orchestras, Professional Musicians from the area will be utilized in small group and Sectional rehearsals. $500
Nets Box it Up J Carrigan, T Anderson, Watson, Paustian, Zamudio In this hands-on project all Geometry and Geometry Honors students will have the opportunity to create two-dimensional nets that fold into three-dimensional boxes. The students will then design and build their own net for a caramel apple box. Local businesses will be involved in the judging of the best box design.. $415
Rotational Inertia in Physics (Spinning our Wheels) K Kennedy  
The Rotational Inertia Demonstrator is a well-made and long lasting piece of equipment.   It allows student to investigate basic ideas like rotational rates and rotational inertia through hands on activities.  It also allows students to calculate moments of inertia for various mass distributions.  Rotation Inertia is part of the Principles of Technology curriculum and also a new part of the AP Physics 1 curriculum. 
Hands On Banking and Community Access R Bjornson
The money from the grant will continue to be used to teach functional, “real life money management” skills.  Skills taught will be; accessing and accounting for withdraws and expenses, independent living skills such as budgeting, and community leisure activities.  $450
Synergo Challenge Course J Wahpepah
Synergo Challenge Course offers a unique opportunity with far reaching effects for our special education students.  They are given the opportunity to practice teamwork, build self- esteem, establish trust, and conquer fears.  The students were greatly impacted by the experience the last two years. It has become a highlight of the program and is empowering for the students to work towards and earn something through effort, actions, and attitude. 
AHS 2014-15 Impact Grant Total $4,934
Project Name Teacher(s)                                 Grant Description Amt awarded
Ashland Middle School
Spanish World Day Borowy, Gonzalez,
Van Oss
During the week of Core Extensions from May 4th-8th the Ashland Middle School Spanish teachers will be creating a Spanish World for students to interact with for 2-3 hours each morning. Students are learning real world skills during this day that don’t necessarily fit into a curricular area.  One of those will be budgeting their “money” so that they are able to complete all of the tasks.  $1000
Engineering & Design -
Wind Energy
H Harper and B Oehler Students research wind turbines and use their knowledge to construct a wind turbine blade system. Students are offered an opportunity to test and redesign their turbines to maximize the volts of electricity created by the turbine. $301
Disney's Shrek Jr Warner The AMS Musical engages students in all areas of production and performance of a Broadway musical, rewritten to be accessible to the middle school age student. This is the only school-wide opportunity for students to participate in theatre, vocal music and dance at AMS. It is also a great opportunity for elementary students to see a theatrical performance that is appropriate and accessible to their age group. $500
Opportunities to Communicate Cormier  
Making sure that all the students within the classroom have access to the curriculum and build communication skills by way of the use of a computer and a communicator.  A larger keyboard and simplistic mice will give students with limited fine motor, low cognition and limited focus a better opportunity to complete classroom assignments, utilize word predicting software and communicate wants and needs.
 AMS 2014-15 Impact Grant Total $2,005
Project Name Teacher(s)                                 Grant Description Amt awarded
Bellview Elementary School
Zoo Snooze Preskenis, Carns As an end of the unit culmination, all the fourth graders at Bellview Elementary School will go to the Portland Zoo and research an animal.  This is an overnight trip filled with lots of unique hands-on activities.  After returning from the trip, the students will share their expertise with their first and second grade buddies. $500
Kinder Tumbling Van Dyke, Shenandoah The Kindergarteners will participate once a week in a movement and tumbling class.  A Kindergartener’s need to learn body awareness, awareness of themselves in space and exercise their bodies is of deep importance.  Currently at Bellview Kindergarteners receive one PE class every other week. This would allow our Kindergarteners an extra opportunity for movement each week, as well as providing the K’garten teacher with new tools to use later on in the school year.  $300
Self regulation tools for SPED students Mann
The items requested support an array of students across K-5 who experience limitations to executive functions (focus, time management, organization, self-regulation, coping strategies, etc.). The items are used year after year and are integrated into daily instruction to encourage/support learning for these students, as well as the other students in their classrooms whose learning can be compromised by these students behavior and the amount of teacher time and attention required to manage them. Over time, these tools can help targeted students learn to self-regulate in the classroom, benefiting them and the students around them. $499
Bellview 2014-15 Impact Grant Total $1,299
Helman Elementary School
“Ear Reading” for students with Dyslexia Voorhies
Students with text reading disability can benefit from reading by listening. There is a service called Learning Ally (formerly Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic) that provides thousands of audio books that include texts typically read as a class. We are currently lacking enough portable technology to offer this service to all of the students who could benefit from this service. We are looking to increase the number of iPods to make the service more accessible. $800
Helman Ukeleles Johnson  
A class set of 30 soprano ukuleles will be used to teach students in grades 3-5 (200 students). These instruments are an excellent way to learn harmony and theory.  They can be used as a solo instrument or as an ensemble instrument and will help students develop a better ear for pitch as they sing along while strumming.
Aloha Project McCoy, Smith Helman First graders will be involved in a semester long, multidisciplinary unit of study called the Aloha Project.  A complete outline of the 5 month long unit is attached in section B.  The ASF funds will be used to pay for artist Rita Grauer to teach students creative movement and storytelling.  Each class will spend 9 hours total under her instruction with a 1 hour final performance/celebration. $450
Helman 2014-15 Impact Grant Total $1,775
Project Name Teacher(s)                                Grant Description Amt awarded
Walker Elementary School
Kinder Music and Movement Sayre, Dentino, Yurichis Once a week Walker’s Kindergarteners work with a music and movement specialist, Sooney Vianni, during a planned physical and music activity time that extend the classroom curriculum through games, songs, movement, and body percussion activities. Kinders will perform at an all school assembly and at the Out of the Garden program for families.  $1000
Spring Science Projects/Fair Cyphers
Science support for below grade level readers for the school wide spring Science Projects/Fair.  Students with disabilities need assistive technology support to help access the science general education curriculum and participate in the required school wide Science Fair. $795
Walker 2014-15 Impact Grant Total $1,795
Project Name Teacher(s)                                Grant Description Amt awarded
John Muir K-8 School
Calligraphy C Siders This year my students are weak in the physical act of writing. They also use capital letters incorrectly very often. This project brings attention to handwriting so that students improve in both handwriting and capitalization. Using calligraphy brings a level of fun and pride to the students’ work that I hope will motivate them to improve their spelling, use of conventions, and handwriting.  Students also complete many projects during the year and these skills will help them produce beautiful posters as part of these projects. $141
John Muir 2014-15 Impact Grant Total $141
Willow Wind CLC
Friday Friends Art Kleespie, Freeman, Hawley Our students will greatly benefit from working with a guest artist to enhance their content study. The art piece will be an extension of the reading, writing, science, and social studies components of the Water Study for the semester.  We have chosen this extension because art expression helps to deepen the conceptual understanding of the subject matter. Due to her extensive experience teaching art, we know that Isabelle will be much more expert at offering rich art experiences to the students. $600
Willow Wind 2014-15 Impact Grant Total $600
23 PROJECTS - TOTAL 2014-15 IMPACT GRANTS: $12,549