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AHS Track Friends & Family Campaign

Hello AHS Track & Field Supporters,

We would love your help in fundraising for the new track at Ashland High! Besides your own donation, YOUR friends and family can be a key component to help us get to our goal and build the modern track our kids deserve. Therefore, we are providing you with info to launch your own “Friends & Family Outreach” campaign!
  • Time is short - we need funds raised by June 30!
  • Involve your kids – it will be a great learning experience and they’ll have a sense of ownership when they see the track they helped build.

HOW TO RAISE $1,000:

1.    Make a list of all friends and family that you can ask for a donation. (Fundraising works best when you ask people you know! They’ll give because they care about you.)

2.    Figure out the best way to connect with the people on your list. A personal email or postal letter from you or your student, followed up with a phone call may be the easiest. But you may know some people who just need the phone call or a knock on the door.

3.    Assemble the materials you need to reach out. You can download most of the resources you should need. Edit the attached athlete and/or parent letter with your personal information; feel free to make them more personal if you’d like.

4.    Ask for a generous donation. Friends and family won't mind you asking for money because they love and adore your kid and want the best for them. Love inspires!

5.    Please start your personal Friends & Family Outreach ASAP.  Encourage your donors to make their gift by the end of school, mid-June.

 “FRIENDS & FAMILY OUTREACH” Materials & Helpful Tips:
Materials available below for download


  • Athlete letter template
  • Parent letter template (one parent sender)
  • Parent letter template (both parent senders)
  • PDF Daily Tidings article
  • Flyer
Our tri-fold brochure is available for pick up at the AHS Athletic Office, or the AMS Office. Pick some up to put in your mailings.
To do an Email Campaign
Copy & paste your personalized version of the athlete or parent letter into the body of your email. The template contains links for How to Donate and the Daily Tidings article so it’s got most of what you need right in the letter. You can add the following link to the fundraising brochure and send it off!

To do a Postal Campaign
Print your personalized version of each athlete or parent letter and sign them. For out-of-town contacts, you may want to include the Daily Tidings article. We also highly recommend you include the tri-fold brochure which includes all donation information. 

A Personal Ask
If you’re meeting with a potential donor, bring along a tri-fold brochure, and possibly a copy of the Tidings Article.

Questions?  Email either or Elizabeth Holland at

Thanks so much for your help. We need lots of help to reach our goal!

Go Grizzlies!


A template letter for your student athlete (or revise for general student) to use in fundraising for the AHS Track.

A template letter from BOTH parents to use in fundraising for AHS Track.

A template letter from one parent to use in fundraising for AHS Track.

A pdf of the article in the Daily Tidings - this was BEFORE the track was permanently closed down.

A flyer for the Track Restoration

Three donor forms per page to use if unable to get a tri-fold brochure for your mailings.