2016-17 Grant Summary

2016-17 ASF Grant Summary
School Education Support* Impact Grants Total Grants
AHS $65,000 $ 5,813 $70,813
AMS $35,000 $ 3,773 $38,773
Bellview $20,000 $ 1,750 $21,750
Helman $20,000 $ 1,657 $21,657
Walker $20,000 $ 1,283 $21,283
John Muir $  9,400 $   750 $10,150
Willow Wind $11,000 $ 1,250 $12,250
Totals $180,400 $16,276 $196,676
* Education Support grants pay for teachers, educational assistants and specialists. Amounts shown are estimates.

Project Name Teacher(s) Grant Description Amt awarded
Ashland High School
Hands On Banking and Community Access Bjornson The AHS INSPIRE Program serves students who have special needs, with an emphasis on hands-on activities that directly transfer into independent life skills. Students will set up a class bank account, learn how to access the funds, budget, and transact business with a debit card and using cash. $490
Band California College Tour Moddison AHS Band students will travel to several universities in California to experience performing with a different director, and get a glimpse of band at a higher education level. A part-time assistant will be secured to help band members prepare for the trip. $800
Phenology Explorations Stonewood​  
Students will engage in a study of a natural area near our school campus. The study will be based on the concept of phenology (change in nature over time) and incorporate both observations in nature and a citizen science component using the online tool Project BudBurst. At the end of the project, students will produce either an electronic phenology “flipbook” or an annotated phenology wheel (similar to a cyclical calendar) that documents changes in their tree over time.
Instrumental Enrichment Trolley Local professionals were hired to provide supplemental instruction to students individually and in small groups in the two orchestras at AHS: Chamber Orchestra and Concert Orchestra.  $800
Synergo Challenge Course Wahpepah Synergo Challenge Course offers a unique opportunity with far reaching effects for our alternative ed students. They are able to practice teamwork, build self- esteem, establish trust, and conquer fears.  It is empowering for students to work towards and earn something through effort, actions, and attitude.  $1000
PACE Class Sees SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE Bishop​ Students in the AHS PACE English class will read and analyze the play, Shakespeare in Love, learning the characters and main arc of the story. Students will practice the language and write journals. Then they’ll go see a matinee at OSF followed by a play evaluation.  $500
Breakout the Fun! Kenfield, French, Watson, Hobein Breakout EDU creates ultra-engaging learning games for people of all ages. AHS will purchase 2 Game Kits (Breakouts/Locked In/Escape Room) that teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve within the content area. $250
Mini- Me ‘Manikins’ Kenfield Ashland High School Anatomy & Physiology students use a three-dimensional ‘manikin’ that is manipulated to study each of the body systems. The manikins enhance our students’ learning through hands-on body system construction. This grant will allow the school to add to their current inventory of manikins.  $566
Catalyst Yoga & Mindfulness Parowski, Sorenson, Wahpepah At risk Alternative Education students will receive 6 weeks of instruction in yoga, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques to deal with anxiety and stress that may result from adverse childhood experiences.   $480
AHS 2016-17 Impact Grant Total $5813
Ashland Middle School
Calm Bodies = Successful Learners Cormier This project will give special education students the opportunities to build independence when they become overwhelmed and over stimulated.  Students will use these items to calm their bodies and minds and assist them with focusing on academics.  $553
AMS Food Forest Craugh​ In conjunction with a Community Grant from the Ashland Food Coop, middle schools students will create a food forest on campus near the current garden. They will clear the area and place new soil. The forest will include nut trees and fruit trees and bushes. They will also build trails and benches for the outdoor classroom, and possibly additional fencing for the garden area.  $530
Mi Propio Cuento Gonzalez After reading a variety of short simple readers in Spanish, students will have the opportunity to use bound art notebooks to create and illustrate their own stories based on vocabulary learned in the classroom. $445
Oregon Battle of the Books Pryor The Oregon Battle of the Books is a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries.  Participants will be exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints, and will build comprehension skills in a fun and competitive way.  
Willy Wonka - Broadway Jr. Musical Warner The AMS Musical engages students in all areas of production and performance of a Broadway musical, rewritten to be accessible to the middle school age student. This is the only school-wide opportunity for students to participate in theatre, vocal music and dance at AMS. It is also a great opportunity for elementary students to see a theatrical performance that is appropriate and accessible to their age group. $500
Latin American Culture and Crafts Class Borowy​ This grant will fund materials for an enrichment class about Latin American Culture and Crafts. Students will learn about different Latin American cultures and make art/craft/food projects that come from those cultures. Students will learn about different parts of Mexico and make ojos de Díos, papel picado, Nearikas, tortillas and piñatas. Students will learn about Guatemala and make Guatemalan worry dolls. Students will learn about Spain and make fans. $150
The Arts- Building Pathways Within Cormier​ An artist will come in and work with special education students who do not have the opportunity to participate in any type of art classes. Students with special needs tend to thrive in both of these areas which can create pathways within their brains. $244
Mind Over Matter Saturen​ AMS students learn “circus arts” skills which they then teach to elementary school students. In this class they will be experimenting and playing with various kinds of juggling, object manipulation and balance tricks. They will team up with Ms. Dallas' third grade class at Walker Elementary School, visiting them about once every two weeks to teach them some of the skills we are learning. They will work on solo, partner and group juggling; rola bola and slack rope balance; baton twirling; hula-hooping; devil stick, diabolo and cigar boxes; and possibly other skills if time and resources allow. $500
 AMS 2016-17 Impact Grant Total $3773
Bellview Elementary School
Zoo Snooze Carnes, Preskenis The Zoo Snooze is an overnight educational field trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland Oregon.  The two Bellview 4th Grade classes (approx. 50 students), two teachers, and 8-12 volunteer adult chaperones travel on a bus to the Oregon Zoo where they engage in supervised educational activities related to the care and enrichment of the zoo’s animals. $380
Spring Musical – 101 Dalmations Cooke Third through fifth grade students present 101 Dalmations as a spring musical. $610
Exploring Shasta Caverns Gates, Palmesano Students will travel to Lake Shasta where they will get to take a boat ride across the lake, a bus ride up the hillside, and a tour through the caverns. They will get to climb around one small section of the cave and dig for fossils. Upon return to the visitors center, they will get to mine for gemstones. $380
OMSI Coastal Discovery Schmeling, Olson As part of a larger trip to Newport to explore coastal ecosystems, students will participate in Inquiry-based learning through OMSI’s Coastal Discovery Center. Students will participate in approximately five hands-on science experiences. This grant provides funding towards one of these classes.  $380
Bellview 2016-17 Impact Grant Total $1750
Helman Elementary School
Energy-Forces and Motion Werner Students use Hot Wheels kits to study forces and motion in science.  $442
Aloha Project McCoy, Smith Helman First Graders will be involved in a semester long, multidisciplinary unit of study titled The Aloha Project. The ASF funds will be used for materials for science inquiry projects, boat making and 3 dimensional mapping. $200
Watercolors with Joyce Siders Students will create 4 or 5 art projects using watercolor techniques. They will learn drawing techniques as they plan their work and watercolor techniques as well. They will use the work of great artists like Picasso and Georgia O’Keeffe as inspiration and will see their greatest works of art. Students will learn about balancing a painting to maximize the effect of their work. $225
The Sneetches Snowden Second Grade students will be extending their learning about social justice by putting a play based upon the Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches. The play will ensure that all students have an active acting role in the play.   $400
Rocking chairs for students w sensory needs Voorhies Students who are on an IEP, have self-regulation issues, and Attention Hyperactivity Deficit problems have difficulty sitting still and listen to instruction or do seat work. These rocking chairs provide an alternate to the static school chair to help them focus.  $390
Helman 2016-17 Impact Grant Total $1,657
John Muir K-8 School
Movement Enrichment Meyeroff, West Bethany King will teach creative dance/movement to grades K-3, enhancing students’ learning through kinesthetic integration. She will teach 1 class per week to the K-1 and 2-3 classrooms during two 8-week sessions. $750
John Muir 2016-17 Impact Grant Total $750
Walker Elementary School
Clay with Kinders Yurchis, Sayre, Alvord  Students will have a hands on experience with clay that will include history, geology, vocabulary, tool making and basic forming techniques. Projects will include a functional piece like a cup or bowl and a sculptural piece that could be based on an animal or person. $800
Walker Library Makerspace Damon Grantham This grant supports the new Library Makerspace for 3rd-5th graders to engage them in a participatory learning process. Makerspaces, sometimes also referred to as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. We hope to engage the students as makers, dreamers and doers. This grant helps purchase Lego robotic building kits $483
Walker 2016-17 Impact Grant Total $1283
Willow Wind CLC
Blues in the Schools Hawley, Keoppen, Albano, Pindell The 2016-2017 school year at Willow Wind has been highlighted by a K-8, cross-curricular study at Willow Wind covering numerous topics related to systems and systems in transition.  We would like to culminate the social science aspect of these studies with an all-campus interactive assembly by Michael Hawkeye Herman; this presentation, which is titled “The Blues Had A Baby and They Called It Rock and Roll”, will be accompanied by instruction for students in the art and history of American music, with a specific focus on the African American contribution to what we all know as American music.  In alignment with our systems theme, Michael Herman will teach and demonstrate the power of music as a means for a group to unite as they transition and oppose a social system that is malfunctioning. $700
Pollinator Project Kleepsie, Terr, Freeman, Pindell, Hawley This project would help to integrate the pollinator education already embedded in this year’s cross-curricular study, into a service-learning project which includes two primary goals; a school-based pollinator habitat re-boot, and community outreach through sharing and donating pollinator habitats.  $550
Willow Wind 2016-17 Impact Grant Total $1250
31 PROJECTS - TOTAL 2016-17 IMPACT GRANTS: $16,276