Become a Major Donor!

Consider making a greater impact by becoming a Major Donor with a gift of $500 or more. Major Donors are core supporters who have helped Ashland schools thrive over the decades.

As a Major Donor, you can play a vital role in maintaining the quality of education in our exceptional schools. Your generous donation will help compensate for cuts in public funding and greatly increase the opportunities we are able to provide to our schools.
Major Donor, Dr John Barton
Dr. John Barton & AMS Band Dir. Jenifer Carstensen

Major Donors receive invitations to private events and receptions:

  • In the fall of 2014, ASF held a 25th anniversary celebration with our major donors at Belle Fiore Winery. The event was so well received that we held a similar event for major donors in the fall of 2016, also at Belle Fiore Winery, and moved the event to Grizzly Peak Winery in the fall of 2017. Our board has decided to make this an annual event, so don't miss out - become a major donor today! ​
  • Each year our Major Donors are invited to a dessert reception backstage before opening night of the fall or spring AHS Theatre production.  Included in the evening are two complimentary tickets to the play.
  • Occasionally ASF hosts educational forums, receptions, or other educational events. Major donors may have the opportunity to "meet the speaker" in a private setting before the event.

Become a Major Donor and donate now. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Donors might also want to consider a major donation to the ASF Endowment Fund, setting up a charitable remainder trust, or a legacy gift to ASF.  Contact ASF for information on these and more gifts to the ASF Endowment fund.