Grant Summary 2013-14

2013-14 ASF Grant Summary
School Education Support* Impact Grants Total Grants
AHS $73,000 $ 4,900 $77,900
AMS $45,000 $ 6,388 $51,388
Bellview $17,000 $   875 $17,875
Helman $17,000 $ 1,008 $18,008
Walker $17,000 $ 2,000 $19,000
John Muir $  8,000 $   527 $ 8,527
Willow Wind $10,000 $   302 $10,302
Totals $187,000 $16,000 $203,000
* Education Support grants pay for teachers, educational assistants and specialists. Amounts shown are estimates.


Bellview Garden Workers
Bellview Garden workers!



Helman Wax Resist Planet Grant
Helman Wax Resist Planet Art

Project Name Teacher(s) Grant Description Amt awarded
Ashland High School
Hands On Banking and Community Access K Budd The AHS INSPIRE Program serves students who have special needs, with an emphasis on hands-on activities that directly transfer into independent life skills. Students will set up a class bank account, learn how to access the funds, budget, and transact business with a debit card and using cash. $400
Careers in Music G Pare' To build skill in the AHS Orchestras, professional musicians from the area will be brought in to work with students in large group and sectional rehearsals throughout the entire school year. $800
Keeping Science Cool K Kennedy
& J Lebo
Science is challenging, but science should also be fun.  As budget cuts have hit our schools and class sizes have increased, some of our most fun days have also fallen by the wayside.   This grant brings back some fun! The classes will boil liquid nitrogen in the whistling tea kettle sitting on just the lab bench, freeze roses (and other things we can find!) and smash them on the floor, shrink balloons, liquefy someone’s breath from a balloon, and many more experiments. 
Disney Performing Arts Workshop H Johnson Students from 2 different 1st semester AHS choir classes will travel to Anaheim, California to attend a singing workshop offered by professional performers. $630
Lowering the Walls of the Classroom III C Spear &
R Sorensen
AHS Catalyst is a drop-out prevention program that serves our greatest at-risk students.  This series of field trips keeps these students engaged in their education and helps them enjoy learning. Included in the trips are Science Works Museum, Crater Rock Museum and Wildlife Images or Sanctuary One. $665
Marketable Skills in a Copper Ring S Scharf Jewelry (Art) classes at AHS have a long history but they have been embedded in the Stained Glass classes for too long.  For the first time in many years, students will be able to learn the essential skills needed to create almost any piece of jewelry from a semi-retired Master Jeweler through this introductory project. $495
Synergo Challenge Course J Wahpepah
& T Toll (EA)
Synergo Challenge Course offers a unique opportunity for the AHS Café Ed special education students, who have learning difficulties due to social/emotional and learning needs, to learn teamwork, build self- esteem, and establish trust.  $500
Give Bees a Chance –
What is killing their buzz?
M Kenfield Students will get to explore inside a safe/sealed observation hive while working on honey bee awareness projects: Web Flyer, Honey Shall we Dance Lab, Anatomy of a Bee Lab, More than Honey Scavenger Hunt, Map our local pollinators, Problem/Solution Organizer, and our class Bee the Change Proposal Conference. $250
Writing Workshop with Author
April Henry
H Smith Mystery Author, April Henry, will present four 90-minute writing workshops for 9th and 10th grade English students in the Ashland High School Library.  She will focus on the research process, rewriting and editing with the goal of inspiring our student authors. $800
AHS 2013-14 Impact Grant Total $4900
Ashland Middle School
AMS Beginning Band Coaches J Carstensen
& B Dresser
Local professional musicians will work with beginning band students in small groups to reinforce the techniques that are critical to their success in band.  With over 100 students in beginning band, and class sizes approaching 40, this project will enhance the learning of all students by shrinking the class size and allowing each student to receive more intimate attention.  $1000
Wind Turbine Engineering and Design H Harper &
B Oehler
Students in these 6th grade science classes get a taste of engineering and design process.  They will research wind turbines, then take their new knowledge to build a blade system that they predict will produce a maximum amount of electricity. $418
National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award Project K Holden The funds from this grant will purchase digital cameras for the WAMS and the Yearbook Club to kick-start a still photography curriculum at Ashland Middle School while allowing us to be eligible for entry into the Josten’s National Yearbook Program of Excellence.  The project will include teaching students photography skills that will be applied in the production of the yearbook and WAMS shows.  $408
Mentoring Young String Players G Pare Professional musicians will be used to facilitate sectionals and small group lessons during Orchestra classes for the entire school year. The opportunity for String Players to work in smaller groups with a professional will help their learning curve immensely.  Four AMS Orchestra classes will use these funds $1000
Oregon Battle of the Books H Smith &
K Pryor
The Oregon Battle of the Books is a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries.  Participants will be exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints, and will build comprehension skills in a fun and competitive way.  
Broadway Jr. Musical D Warner This activity will engage approximately 65 students in all areas of production and performance of Peter Pan Jr, a Broadway musical rewritten to be accessible to the middle school age student. A local choreographer and a voice teacher will introduce students to the elements of dance and vocal performance skills necessary to successfully master this type of performance. $500
Butterfly Garden Restoration J Craugh All 7/8 science students will raise Painted Lady butterflies in the classroom and plant host and forage plants in the butterfly garden that has been neglected. Students will be reading and studying butterfly and plant biology and planning which plants to incorporate.  The garden will be available for observational science activities, data collection and “field” research, and for art class projects. $500
6 week
Self-Regulation Therapy
J Voorhies These special education students with challenges that make it difficult to control their bodies and emotions, will experience a number of techniques to help them learn how to self-regulate themselves and what techniques work best for them. $226
6th Grade Outdoor Education H Harper,
K Pryor,
B Oehler
This grant will help three 6th grade classrooms attend the Klamath Outdoor Science School (KOSS) for two days/nights as part of their outdoor education program. They will use inquiry-based activities to explore watershed studies among a plethora of other educational activities. Additional funds will be used. $300
Ballet Folklorico Instruction M Borowy During their all-day core Spanish class day, all 7th and 8th grade students will receive instruction in Mexican folk dances, geography, folklore and handicrafts from Ritmo Alegre of the Rogue Valley, trained Ballet Folklorico instructors. $800
Near Space Weather Balloon Launch D Otte Have you ever wanted to launch a weather balloon 20 miles up into the troposphere?  The students in this Flight & Weather class will get that opportunity this spring! A GoPro camera mounted on board will take time lapse photos, plus sensors will record temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and GPS position.  The GPS tracker will allow the balloon to be tracked and collected so the data can be analyzed. $500
Wilderness Trails J Pinder
MA Perry
These two 6th grade classes will be partnering with SOU students to participate in a variety of outdoor education activities including compass skills, plant ID, aquatic life and observations of life in one square foot. Additional funding will be used. $300
 AMS 2013-14 Impact Grant Total $6388
Bellview Elementary School
Problem Solving Murals D Berry Students in the secondary grades (3, 4, 5) will work with an artist to design and create a playground wall mural illustrating the four-step Problem Solving process they have learned to handle small to medium problems.  This process empowers students to describe their problem in a non-blaming manner, generate solutions, reflect on others responses and choose the best solution.  When staff quickly and consistently prompts students to use this process, potentially dramatic issues are quickly resolved.  A large, graphically fun and directive wall mural on the playground will help yard supervisors support this problem solving practice and will support students who are capable of initiating their own practice. $500
Measurement Mania S Preskenis What do a Toyota Class 7 Desert truck, fabric quilts, dog beds, and recipes have in common?  Measurement is all around us!  Focusing on covering the Math Common Core measurement standards, students will participate in hands-on exploration by comparing and contrasting the diameter of tires, the volume capacity of gasoline tanks, and the general size of a truck, mini-van, and mountain bike.  Cutting and sewing fabric dog beds for a local animal shelter, piecing a class quilt, and cooking and measurement all go hand in hand.  Converting between the English and metric system, students will follow and adjust recipes baking healthy snacks.  Piecing together nuts and bolts with wrenches is a perfect opportunity to examine fractions.  Scale drawing and blue prints appeal to the artistic eye.  Students will research how measurement weaves through various career options.
Working in small groups, students will engage in problem solving and critical thinking. A wide variety of informational text and local specialized speakers will serve as the foundation of integrated reading and writing instruction. 
Bellview 2013-14 Impact Grant Total $875
Helman Elementary School
Wax Resist Planets and Mythology K Martin &
M Damon
During a study of the solar system, students will research and choose a planet to represent. Working with artist, Polly Beach, they will lay out a preliminary sketch and use wax resist and wet-on-wet watercolor techniques to study and paint a realistic image of how their planet looks. Students will also research the myths that accompany their planet’s name. They will write the myths in their own words to be mounted with the works of art. $331
Kindergarten Mural T McLean
& M Driscoll
Students will work with ceramic artist Julia Janeway to do imprinting and glazing to create clay bluebird handprints.  Mounted on the back outdoor wall of the classroom, the Bluebird mural will be the contribution of the class of 2027, and will add to the Wishing Tree and Flower Garden murals from the past three years. $177
Gee Whiz Science! M Snowden Students will work in small groups with retired teacher, Berit Larson, to learn to apply the scientific inquiry model to discover some basic scientific principles.  Students will create a hypothesis, test their theory, record and evaluate their data, and write a reflection regarding their hypothesis. Gee Whiz Science allows 2nd grade students to immerse themselves in the world of science for several weeks .  $500
Helman 2013-14 Impact Grant Total $1,008
Walker Elementary School
Kinder Music and Movement K Cuddy,
C Abbott-
K Sayre
Once a week Walker’s Kindergarteners work with a music and movement specialist, Sooney Vianni, during a planned physical and music activity time that extend the classroom curriculum through games, songs, movement, and body percussion activities. Kinders will perform at an all school assembly and at the Out of the Garden program for families.  $1000
4th Grade Overnight Field Trip J Parks &
D Blair
The entire 4th grade who is studying Oregon history, will travel first to Salem to tour the Oregon State Capitol. They will tour the building learning its history, and seeing first hand where laws are made.  They will also write and deliver letters to their elected representatives about issues they are passionate about. Then on to Portland for the ZooSnooze overnight program at the Oregon Zoo which features after-hours zoo exhibits, animal kitchen, and Veterinary Medical Center, as well as zookeeper training games, inquiry sessions and hands-on animal activities.  $1000
Walker 2013-14 Impact Grant Total $2,000
John Muir K-8 School
The Art of Building Picnic Tables C Siders John Muir School students will build five picnic tables during their Art Focus time with the help of parent volunteers. The tables will expand their outdoor lunch facilities on campus and at Earth Teach Forest Park where 4th – 8th graders have outdoor classes many times each month, and participate in overnights multiple times a year.  Students will learn basic carpentry skills and utilize math skills, while giving them an understanding of craftsmanship that they can use the rest of their lives. $527
John Muir 2013-14 Impact Grant Total $527
Willow Wind CLC
Community Fridays M Lawson Community Fridays help students develop a clear sense of self and membership in the community.  Youngers work with older students and all of the children have an opportunity to contribute to the community projects. Parents will also join in the Community Friday workdays.
All of the students will be involved in the planning and physical work to plant their class beds and care for the Food Forest. The class beds provide a meaningful context in which students can apply new academic concepts and skills. They will use plants from the garden for math activities, writing inspiration and science inquiry. The students in grades 5 – 8 will also use the produce from the garden to sell at Farm Stand in the fall. This project allows the students experience running a small business. Using the garden allows students to deepen their understanding of the subject matter while also rediscovering the joy and fascination that characterizes learning within a meaningful context. 
Willow Wind 2013-14 Impact Grant Total $302
30 PROJECTS - TOTAL 2013-14 IMPACT GRANTS: $16,000