Grant Summary 2012-13

2012-13 ASF Grant Summary
School Educ. Support* Impact Grants Total Grants
AHS $75,000 $ 5,983 $80,983
AMS $50,000 $ 4,860 $54,860
Bellview $18,000 $ 1,561 $19,561
Helman $18,000 $ 2,054 $20,054
Walker $18,000 $ 1,135 $19,135
John Muir $  8,000 $    675 $  8,675
Willow Wind $10,000 $  1,081 $11,081
Totals $197,000 $17,349 $214,349
* Education Support grants pay for teachers, educational assistants and specialists. Amounts shown are estimates.


Helman grant at work.



2012-13 ASF Impact Grants
Project Name   Project Description
Ashland High School
Food for Thought The AHS INSPIRE Program serves students who have special needs, with an emphasis on hands-on activities that directly transfer into independent life skills. Students will budget their money, shop for food, follow recipes, and cook meals.
Blacksmithing Forge A permanent forge will be installed for use in the metal fabrication classroom to teach blacksmithing metalwork in all future metals classes.
Bach to Baroque! Grant to bring professional musicians in to facilitate sectionals and small group lessons during Orchestra classes, with a focus on Baroque Music.
Pro Tools for Students Students will be able to create musical projects using Pro Tools Software on the audio production equipment from last year’s grant.
Lowering the Classroom Walls (II) Students in the Catalyst program will gain exposure to the cultural and educational richness in our community with tickets to OSF and two other educational field trips.
Café Ed Challenge Course Café Ed will attend the Prescott Park Challenge Course in Medford which offers a unique opportunity for our special education students in an all-day event promoting teamwork through a ropes course and other team-building exercises.
Measurement for the 21st Century (II) Grant to purchase 6 pH sensors so students can collect data from a wide variety of acid/ base labs directly into the computers.  Students in chemistry, biology and AP environmental science will use these sensors.
French IV bread workshop French IV students who are studying the culture and politics of food will visit Deux Chats Bakery.
BioBox: Growing, Maintaining, and Learning Students will create terrariums to grow plants and care for small aquatic animals, using the scientific method, change the environment and measure the results.
Buffalo Case Studies Using “clicker” technology, students will explore scientific case studies from the University of Buffalo.
Ashland Middle School
Turf to Tummy AMS students receive direct experience in developing and maintaining a winter-greens farm for the purpose of supplying a food preparation class and the AMS cafeteria with fresh, organically-grown produce.
Babies to Seniors: Warming our Community Students in this leadership INC will learn how to crotchet hats and blankets to donate to various community groups including elementary schools, Ashland Community Hospital and assisted living homes.
Bring in the Professionals! Professional musicians as guest artists facilitate sectionals and small group lessons during three different AMS Orchestra classes.
AMS Marketeers Students will develop a business specializing in dyed shirts, scarves and handkerchiefs.  They will study marketing techniques, design and publish business cards, brochures, and care instructions; will learn about displaying and selling their products; and will visit/tour local businesses.
WAMS Animation Project Students in WAMS classes and after-school program will produce more complex animations through the use of this new animation software.
AMS Band Sectionals Professional musicians as guest artists facilitate sectionals and small group lessons in various AMS Band classes.
Spanish World Day Community members and students will be working together to plan, develop and build an interactive, 100% Spanish-speaking world on the field. In this “world”, students will have a chance to experience a real-life simulation of what it would feel like to be in an unfamiliar, solely Spanish-speaking environment.
Disney’s Little Mermaid, Jr. The AMS Musical engages students in all areas of production and performance of a Broadway musical, rewritten to be accessible to the middle school age student.
AMS Students Producing AMS Food Establish a reliable, efficient watering system in the AMS Garden to support a substantial increase in the growing of fresh organic produce for sale to AMS staff and the AMS cafeteria
Bellview Elementary School
Zoo Snooze After studying about animals, food chains and animal habitats students will visit the Oregon Zoo on an overnight field trip with the opportunity to observe, interact with and compare their knowledge and research with live animals.
Healthy Snacking First and Second grade classrooms at Bellview Elementary will plant and harvest produce which will be used for snack time in the classroom.  Any additional harvest that is not eaten will be sold to other classrooms/cafeteria/families at a reduced cost.  All food grown in the garden is done so using organic methods.
Helman Elementary School
Painted Silks Local artist, Joy Light, will teach students the art of “silk painting” as they each create a silk scarf.  Includes a field trip to artist’s studio.
Drum Making and Sound to Symbol Instruction Students will create their own drums and use them to work with Pam Vellutini in the sound to symbol process of reading and writing music as it applies to the drum.
Creative Dance for Kinders Bethany King, dance teacher, will teach Creative Dance to kindergarten once a week for 15 weeks.  Kinders will strengthen their gross motor skills while deepening their knowledge of kindergarten standards and units of study.
Grizzly Peak Second grade students will work with local art teacher, Polly Beach, to study Grizzly Peak. Students will then paint the landmark incorporating techniques for realism as well as an abstract representation of Grizzly Peak.
John Muir K-8 School
Connect and Create Utilizing contemporary theater practices and generative theater techniques to build the ensemble, explore issues relevant and immediate in the lives of the participants/students, and allow all John Muir students to connect to each other on a deeper level through the act of creation.
Walker Elementary School
Bird Silhouette ID Eighteen copper bird silhouettes currently adorn the ceiling of the pavilion in front of Walker.  Third grade students will research the birds, and with help of a local artist will create permanent identification information to match the silhouettes.
Ceramic Petal Pots This is a hands-on student centered art project where the students will learn how to make colorful glazed petal pots taught by a guest artist. 
Willow Wind CLC
We Can Be Heroes 4th grade students will be involved in a community outreach project to offer literacy support and experiences to 20 students at the Ashland Head Start program.
Ashland A to Z 2nd grade students will study the Ashland community, researching various landmarks and components. Findings will be compiled into an Ashland Alphabet Book to be published and donated to local school and public libraries.
NewsBlast NewsBlast is a student lead news broadcast program at Willow Wind. Students will create a 5-10 minute weekly news segment to share with the WW community.
Perspectives of  Expansion To enhance their Native American and Pioneer studies, 5th grade students will visit Jefferson Nature Center in Medford.  Coyote Trails will provide interesting and valuable survival skills classes.