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Fall 2004: Thanks to the Sharkey Family Foundation, the Ashland Schools Foundation Elementary Artist-in-Residence Signature Grant is assured full funding for the 2004-05 school year! 


The Artist-in-Residence program assures that elementary school children in Ashland will have significant experiences in art each year.  Each school chooses the method that works best for them. Walker Elementary has additional fundraising to employ a year-long part-time resident artist who works with the children in and out of the classroom.  Lincoln Elementary puts their funds toward a dance instructor who works with each class every week - allowing them not only instruction in dance, but an additional physical alternative to traditional P.E. each week. Helman and Bellview Elementary schools work through the Jackson County Arts Council to bring in artists for a concentrated period of time.  These artists work with students in a single medium such as block printing, ceramics or drumming.


"The Sharkey Family Foundation Grant was a wonderful addition to our funding pool." stated Ashland Schools Foundation Executive Director, Susan Bacon. " While the Artist-in-Residence program has existed for a number of years, the funding for the program comes out of the larger pool of community donations.  With the fluctuation of donations from year-to-year, we're never certain what our level of funding will be.  Grants, like this one from the Sharkey Family Foundation, ensure the funding for important programs like the Artist-in-Residence program.  We're very grateful to the Sharkey Family Foundation for supporting the incredible impact that this program has in the schools."