Announcing Our 2020 Back To School Fund Drive


It feels ironic to hold a "back-to-school" fund drive, when our students are not going to be in their classrooms this fall, but will be distance learning from home. But in this context, school is not a building, but a concept. Learning can take place in many ways, and in many places. 

The educators in the Ashland Schools have been working diligently this summer to reinvent education and ensure that the distance learning experience they are forced to put in place will be one of real value, and the Ashland Schools Foundation (ASF) wants to help!


  • The District has chosen a new educational engagement platform, called Canvas, to connect teachers with their students. The program allows schools to build their learning environment in ways that meet their own unique needs from Kindergarten through 12th grade. We know that students, parents and teachers are all struggling now to learn this new platform, but we have high hopes that once the learning stage is over, everyone will benefit from this investment.
  • They are making a huge investment in technology to have enough laptops available to loan out to every student grades 3-12 that needs one for at-home learning. They are also loaning out iPads to the K-2 students who need devices, and additional technology to ensure every student has access to the internet. They will be providing well over 1000 devices to families in the district.
  • The School Board revised the calendar and scheduled an extra week of training time for teachers and staff to learn the new Canvas system, and build those learning environments to start the year off on the best footing possible under extremely difficult circumstances.
  • Many teachers will be doing their online teaching from their campus classrooms, and the district is working to purchase technology that will enable that teaching to happen more organically. Using this system teachers will be able to get out from behind their laptops and write at their white boards or move about as if their students were in the desks in front of them, all while the lesson is being broadcast online.
  • The District is continuing to feed children who need help with meals, supplying breakfast and lunches that can be eaten at home. Many families rely on the school foods program for their children, and its important that these families continue to receive those services.
The costs involved with overcoming these issues were not something that was budgeted for. As weve all found outits difficult to plan for a pandemic! This is where you and the Ashland Schools Foundation comes in! We are holding a back-to-school fund drive to ensure that the Ashland School District has the tools needed to overcome the current challenging circumstances and provide the best education possible for our children. 

Please click here to donate. Both small and large donations have a direct impact on education of our students!  

Thank you for your support - stay safe and stay strong.