Global Video Conferencing Center underway at AHS, thanks to the Sharkey Family Charitable Foundation!

Global Video Conferencing Center underway at AHS, thanks to the Sharkey Family Charitable Foundation!

 ASF is excited to report that the Sharkey Family Charitable Foundation has awarded the Ashland Schools Foundation a $10,000 grant to start the development of a Global Video Conferencing Center at Ashland High. 


The old English Lecture Hall will be transformed to become the Global Video Conference Center.  This will allow Ashland students the opportunity to share and learn with entire classrooms or individuals around the world, and participate in educational programs designed for video conferencing. 


ASF is delighted to have the start-up funds to get this project off the ground and is looking for other grants or donations to complete the estimated $25,000 total cost for this project.  If you are interested in contributing, or would like to learn more about the Global Video Conference Center, please contact the Ashland Schools Foundation at 541-482-8197 or email:


Technology is an exceptional tool that can help all students, regardless of their financial means, to travel to new places, meet citizens of the world, and explore other societies.  In addition to building relationships with other students around the world, there are many resources for educational programs through video conferencing.  Physics students could fly in simulated space missions, media classes would have access to thousands of archived television and radio programs, foods students could receive lessons from New York Culinary Arts chefs, and drama or English students could chat with professionals from the Shakespeare Global Theatre in London!  Experiences like these build bridges and close gaps.  They put a face on other religions and cultures, creating a bond across oceans.


We hope you will be as excited about this project as we are and are inspired, like the Sharkey Family Charitable Foundation, to help continue the work to make this Global Video Conference Center a reality at Ashland High.

ASF can be contacted at:

Ashland Schools Foundation
100 Walker Ave.
Ashland, OR  97520

(541) 482-8197