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Giving Tuesday - December Fund Drive

Due to a reduction in donations, the Ashland Schools Foundation was forced to reduce our Classroom Impact Grant budget for the second consecutive year.  However, if we receive $20,000 in donations in the month of December, we can restore some of those funds this school year and help teachers implement exciting hands-on projects to engage students.  
You can help! We are kicking off our campaign on Giving Tuesday – December 2.
Please join our community in saying “yes” to education with a gift to ASF on Giving Tuesday…or anytime throughout the month of December. 

 Give online: Click on the Donate Now button above

 Give by phone: 541-482-8197
Give by mail: Ashland Schools Foundation
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Thank you.

Your Holiday Shopping Can

Support Ashland Schools!

Are you one of the many shoppers who purchase holiday gifts online?  If so, there are simple ways for your shopping dollars to also benefit the Ashland Schools!

Click on the link above to shop through the website.  Then click on the "Shops" icon to shop at any of the hundreds of sites - including Amazon - that support ASF through eScrip.

If you are not already signed up on eScrip, you will need to create an account so eScrip knows you are supporting the Ashland Schools Foundation with your shopping! It's quick and easy and will pay great dividends to the schools for your time.  Thank you!

You can also shop Amazon directly through their "Amazon Smile" website that supports charities. Click on the link below to shop Amazon Smile and have your purchases support ASF!

Spread the word!  Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!


Invest In Students…Teachers…Schools

Invest In Our Future

As Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world." With our community’s donations, every child in Ashland can have this powerful weapon and can change the world. – Paris, AHS Student

Supporting education is the most important investment you can make...not only for the future of our students, but for everyone's future. Children are curious, eager to explore new possibilities. They will be our next doctors, engineers, and business executives - the next teachers, artists, and historians. They will make the next significant scientific discoveries and will be the future leaders that shape your world. Our children need us NOW - we cannot postpone our investment in education.

Ashland Schools Foundation is focused on keeping educators in the classroom, so our students can achieve their utmost potential.  Every April we hold our annual fund drive to raise money for grants in the next school year.  Most of these funds will be used to keep teachers, educational assistants and specialists in the schools and in the lives of our students.

Great teachers make great futures possible - help us keep our great teachers inspiring our students and building a future we can all embrace.

See our 2014 video about the Ashland Advantage on our Fund Drive page

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