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 Fund for Equity & Diversity
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We are in the early stages of planning our 2021 Annual Fund Drive! While we will not be able to hold our usual phone bank, we are looking into other means to get the word out to parents and the community. You can help us!


We are exploring a Peer-to-Peer fundraising and awareness campaign, where supporters are able to create a personal fundraising page and send it out to parents of other Ashland children, plus your friends and relatives who you think might be interested in supporting the education of Ashland’s students.


If this interests you, please fill out the form below with your name and email address. You will not be committed to participating — just letting us know that you’re interested in more information. We look forward to a new and exciting way of fundraising for Ashland Schools in 2021, with your help!



Your Shopping Can Support Ashland Schools!

At this point, more than ever, we encourage you to support our local businesses for any needs. But with the temporary closure of so many retailers, you may be shopping online for things you would have purchased locally. 

If so, there are simple ways for your shopping dollars to also benefit the Ashland Schools! 

Visit our SHOP TO SUPPORT page to discover ways to raise funds for the schools by simply linking your shopping to the right merchant programs. 

Spread the word!  Thanks for your support and shopping!